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10/14 MORNING UPDATE: All bought titles have now been removed from the lists (rather than struck through) for ease of reading. We're up past 1,000 books sold, but there's still a wealth of excellent material available. We've also dropped the prices in the book set section.

9/23 EVENING UPDATE: Welcome to readers coming here from Neil Gaiman's blog. We're going back to striking through books that aren't available so there's no confusion as to what you can and cannot buy. We're having a ton of orders coming in and will be processing them throughout the day and into tomorrow. (And see my blog entry.) Here’s where we stand as of right now, evening of the 21st, approximately:

950 BOOKS SOLD (early adoption and public sale)

Also note this blog entry for stuff just added now, 9/21, at 11am EST

Below this entry, you will find the various sections of our mammoth book sale. Anything sold will be struck through or otherwise noted as "sold".

The individual links are as follows:

- Unsigned (Mostly Limited) Special Editions
- Signed Editions (some limited)
- Interesting First Editions (not signed or limited)
- Unsigned Chapbooks and Tiny Books
- Unclassifiable Oddities
- Book Sets
- Unusual Mass Market Paperbacks
- Interesting Advance Reading Copies
- Other Stuff We Bring to Your Attention

All sorts of limited, rare, and related books, including stuff I've written intros for, and magazines and anthologies.

An assortment of unusual and diverse art and oversized books. Don't be scared--some of these start at $4.

Some rare items as well as some new ones, from Moore to French and Mignola, and everything in between.

As with all of these categories, a mix of genre and mainstream titles.

Mass market editions, mostly from the splendiferous 1970s.

Noir to gentler mysteries, in hc, tp, and mm editions. From Denis Johnson to Laura Lipmann.

A great selection, from all over the world

More made-up goodness, with a few surprises

Pick up a couple of year's bests or a quirky volume on sex and chocolate, depending on your wont.

Mostly new or almost new, contemporary titles.

You can't get more diverse than a section that include Gary K. Wolfe's Soundings and book about a traveling cat and a book about the Spanish Civil War...

Want to learn about boxing, the Green Zone, or the 1988 elections? Or any of a hundred other subjects? Then check out this list...

This ain't gonna make us any money, but it's an interesting assortment of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Anyone who orders books from us will get various small freebies included from a stack of postcards, bookmarks, figurines, comic books, and other cool stuff. (None of which will affect your shipping cost.)

Anyone who orders more than $40-worth of books can choose a book for free from the One Dollar Book list.

Please note the following:

(1) No orders under $10.
(2) Send us an email (to vanderworld at with a cc to buzzcity at with the list of books you want to order, to make sure they are still available. (We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.)
(3) Shipping and handling fees will be estimated once we know what books you want to order. We will ship anywhere in the world, via the US Post Office (media rate, first class, or priority). Please include your snail mail addy with your order, and, if in the US, whether you want something other than media rate.
(4) Payment can be by check, M.O. or Paypal. Once we confirm your order, we will provide shipping options and costs, as well as additional payment information.

In addition to what’s being offered on the book lists, we are offering the following specials (while supplies last):

Leena Krohn’s amazing novel Tainaron in a gorgeous hardcover, for only $10.

My collection Secret Life Redux, in trade paperback, for only $10.

IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN $50-worth of books, you can also order either of these two books for only $6 each.

Thanks! We want all of these books to go to good homes!

Jeff & Ann

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Interesting Proofs

SOLD OUT--check this category in late November, as we will be adding items for a holidays sale.


Other Stuff We Bring to Your Attention

ATKINS, ROBERT >> THE ESSENTIAL ATKINS FOR LIFE KIT >> $10; St. Martin's, various books/booklets in a slipcase. I don't know why, but awhile back I signed the top, I guess concerned someone might steal it: "Jeff and Ann VanderMeer". Anyway, we've used it but it's in pristine condition and the diet worked for us. I lost 80 pounds. Ann lost 40 pounds. We're not on it now because you should only really do it for about a year. After that, best to go to a balanced diet.

PETERSON, SHAWN >> WARMAN'S PEZ FIELD GUIDE >> $6; Krause, a thick, square paperback: PEZ has been a part of the American landscape for over 50 years, adding new designs as the popular icons of our time have changed. These beloved candy dispensers have become hot collectible items and Pezheads worldwide won't want to go without this portable pocket guide to the hobby! Veteran collector Shawn Peterson, author of the Collector's Guide to PEZ, has compiled this reference, with hundreds of listings of the most collectible PEZ dispensers and rare variations, as well as the latest PEZ releases. A history of PEZ accompanies a vibrant illustrated glossary, with over 200 highly detailed, full-color photos.

WALEY, ARTHUR >> TRANSLATIONS FROM THE CHINESE >> $13; oversized hardcover in a nice slipcase with a Chinese scene on it, this book contains several hundred pages of illustrations and poems in an attractive format. I paid $45 for it.

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Special Mass Market Paperbacks

BACHMAN, RICHARD (STEPHEN KING) >> RAGE >> $539; Signet, first edition first printing in excellent condition of the Bachman novel published before anyone knew that Stephen King was Bachman. 1977.

BLOCH, ROBERT >> PSYCHO >> $7; from Warner, a first edition of the classic novel turned into an even more classic film.

BRANDNER, GARY >> THE HOWLING >> $67; Fawcett Gold Medal, first edition, first printing. A paperback original of the classic novel; the first hardcover didn't come out until 10 years later. Full number line on copyright page 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. In perfect condition. A scarce and valuable item. 1977.

CAMPBELL, RAMSEY >> INCARNATE >> $8; from Tor, the classic horror novel, first printing, 1984, with Jill Bauman cover

CAMPBELL, RAMSEY >> NEW TERRORS >> $12; from Pocket, a somewhat scarce horror anthology with original fiction from Stephen King, Gene Wolfe, Bob Shaw, Karl Edward Wagner, Tanith Lee, and many others.

DISCH, THOMAS M. >> THE M.D.: A HORROR STORY >> $12; from Berkley, a "special advance edition of the Berkley April bestseller," 1991, in near-perfect condition

GOETHE >> GOETHE'S FAUST >> $5; from Anchor, translated by Walter Kaufmann and a first edition in very good condition

KAUFMAN, WALTER, EDITOR >> THE PORTABLE NIETZSCHE >> $9; from Penguin (1977), including the complete Twilight of the Idols, The Antichrist, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, etc. In very good condition.

LEE, EDWARD >> COVEN >> $35; Diamond, first edition from 1991 of the classic horror novel, a steal at this price.

NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH >> JOYFUL WISDOM >> $6; from Ungar, a relatively rare edition selling for up to $30 on ABE.

STRAUB, PETER >> IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW >> $8; from Pocket, first printing, 1979, in excellent condition


Book Sets (we will break up sets only when there is an extremity of desire)

LAWRENCE, D.H. >> WOMEN IN LOVE, LADY CHATTERLY'S LOVER, SONS AND LOVERS >> $35; Nelson Doubleday, Viking; hardcovers in very good condition, a set of three classic books, with sage green boards with vertical gilt on the boards.

LEVIN, IRA >> ROSEMARY'S BABY, A KISS BEFORE DYING, THE STEPFORD WIVES >> $30; Random House and Simon & Schuster, in lovely editions without dust jackets (purposefully), a set of three classic novels with embossed boards.

MILLER, HENRY >> TROPIC OF CANCER, BLACK SPRING, TROPIC OF CAPRICORN >> $115; Grove Press; all first printing, three out-of-print hard covers in protected simulated-leather qtr-bound beige/dark green/gilt decorative boards, 321, 346 & 249pp respectively, vol.1 contains the biographical/appraisal essay as intro "The Greatest Living Author". The classic erotic novels.

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Unclassifiable Oddities

SOLD OUT--check this category in late November, as we will be adding items for a holidays sale.

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Unsigned Chapbooks/Tiny books

SOLD OUT--check this category in late November, as we will be adding items for a holidays sale.

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Interesting First Editions (not signed or limited)

All hardcovers in dust jackets unless otherwise noted.

BETTS, MOFF >> THE HUMAN BODY: A BASIC GUIDE TO THE WAY YOU'RE PUT TOGETHER >> $10; a beautiful hardcover that's got a McSweeney's feel, in a square format with gorgeous black-and-white illos and just cool beyond belief. In the series from Wooden Books. Just lovely.

BUCHNER, GEORG >> LENZ >> $38; Archipelago Books, a lovely, pristine first edition trade paperback with French flaps from this amazing book-maker. Georg Buchner's visionary exploration of an 18th century playwright's descent into madness, grew in part out of Alsatian pastor Oberlin's journal, which is translated here in its entirety for the first time. Lenzis a dispassionate account on the nervous system of a schizophrenic, perhaps the first third-person text ever written from the "inside" of insanity. At his death at the age of 23 in 1837, Georg Buchner also left behind Leonce and Lena, Woyzeck, and Danton's Death--psychologically and politically acute plays well ahead of their time. Richard Sieburth's translations include Friedrich Holderlin's Hymns and Fragments, Walter Benjamin's Moscow Diary, Gerard de Nerval's Selected Writings and Henri Michaux's Emergences/Resurgences. Includes the German and the English.

RUTLEDGE, BRUCE (editor) >> KUHAKU >> $45; a gorgeous first edition with cloth hardcover boards embossed. Stunning book. Travel past the temples and tourist sites and into the mind of modern Japan with this anthology of essays. This first offering from Chin Music Press is the literary equivalent of a knockdown pitch. Sixteen stories and essays by different writers destroy the many stereotypes about Japan. Say farewell to Madame Butterfly and the samurai ethic, and say hello to a complex nation that makes both a frustrating and fascinating home. This collection includes stories on everything from taking out the garbage to cheating on your spouse. It also has an irreverent and informative glossary of real-world Japanese terms, four-color artwork and a Zen whiskey priest who would make Graham Greene proud.

YELLIN, TAMAR >> THE GENIZAH AT THE HOUSE OF SHEPHER >> $20; Toby Press, in pristine condition, brand new, first edition, in dust jacket. The multiple-prize-winning novel picked up for reprint by St. Martin's Press: "Shulamit, a biblical scholar from England, returns to her grandparents' home in Jerusalem for a visit after an absence of many years. Almost immediately she becomes embroiled in a family feud over possession of the so-called Shepher Codex, a mysterious and valuable manuscript which has been discovered in the attic. In tracing the origins of the Codex she uncovers the history of the Shepher family itself: of her great-grandfather, who traveled to Babylon in search of the ten lost tribes; of her grandfather, a dreamer whose Zionist ideals brought him into conflict with his religion; of her parents, and their tormented love affair; and of her own orphaned and unhappy past. At the same time, she struggles to find answers to pressing questions: what is the significance of the Codex and where does it come from? Who is the stranger, Gideon, who is desperate to enlist her help? Above all, whom does the Codex belong to and what part must Shula play in its destiny? Set against the backdrop of a changing Jerusalem over a hundred and thirty years, The Genizah at the House of Shepher is a large-canvas novel of exile and belonging, displacement, and the quest for both love and a true promised land. A scholar, returning to her family home in Jerusalem becomes embroiled in a family dispute over a discovered Codex, brought home originally her great-great grandfather. Set against the backdrop pf a hundred and thirty years of change, this is a novel of exile and belonging, displacement and the quest for both love and a true promised land."

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Signed Editions (some limited)

SOLD OUT--check this category in late November, as we will be adding items for a holidays sale.

ODDITIES & RARITIES: Unsigned (Mostly) Limited Special Editions

SOLD OUT--check this category in late November, as we will be adding items for a holidays sale.


I’m happy to personalize or just sign any of the books below. All have material in them by me or I published them. If you order more than $25 off of this list, you get a free Ambergris beer label, full color, created by Eric Schaller, and a beautiful signed plate from me, in addition to any personalized signature...also, someone asked me if I'd give up my proof copy of my self-published chapbook for friends, The Book of Winter. I said, "Only for $1,000.") - Jeff

My Books

Best American Fantasy (editor, with Ann, from Prime) - Sample the antho now at a low price for this sale only. Includes work by Kelly Link, Kevin Brockmeier, Elizabeth Hand, etc. - $9 (while limited supplies last)

Ein Herz fur Lukretia (Shayol, tp, 288 p.) - The German edition of my Secret Life collection, in lovely, lovely design, and including stories not in the U.S. edition, while leaving out some stories in the U.S. edition. Same beautiful Scott Eagle cover. - $12

Kuningaskalmari (Finnish, chapbook) - This is the Finnish chapbook edition of King Squid, translated but keeping John Coulthart's graphics. Originally tipped in to the 100th issue of a Finnish magazine. Not otherwise available. Just wonderful, with additional entries added by the translator and editor. - $10 (while supplies last)

Shriek: An Afterword (Tor, advance uncorrected proof) - One of these available. - $14

Shriek: An Afterword (Tor, trade paperback, first edition) - Several of these available. - $10

Shriek: An Afterword (Pan Macmillan, mmpb) - Three mass market editions available to sell. - $9

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases (Night Shade, hc) - The classic antho that's now a Bantam trade paperback. ADVANCE READING COPY, rare--has different cover and slightly different layout than final book. - $60

VanderMeer 2005 (tp) - A small trade paperback I had done up to promote various books coming out in 2005. So it includes excerpts from Secret Lives (yeah, like that was going to come out in 2005) Shriek, Veniss, and City of Saints, along with an exclusive interview conducted by Neddal Ayad. In total, I wound up using about 200 of these. - $20

Veniss Underground (Prime Books, tp) - The original trade paperback of my far-future novel. - $8 (ONE LEFT)

Veniss Underground (Tor UK, tp) - One of the original uncorrected bound proofs sent out to reviewers. - $12

Also: Fungicide, Robert Devereux - the unofficial soundtrack to City of Saints, with liner notes and beautiful booklet featuring Hawk Alfredson's art. - $9

Anthology Appearances

Best New Fantasy 2006, edited by Sean Wallace (Prime Books, tp) - Contains my story “The Farmer’s Cat,” plus work by Theodora Goss, Holly Phillips, Gavin Grant, Jay Lake, Sonya Taaffe, and Kelly Link, among others. - $6

Dark Terrors, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton (Gollancz, hc) - Contains my story “At the Crossroads, Burying the Dog,” along with contributions by Peter Straub, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, Kim Newman, and many others. A huge extravaganza of dark horror. - $10

Dark Terrors 6, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton (Gollancz, oversized tp) - Contains my story “In the Hours After Death,” along with contributions by Nicholas Royle, Tim Lebbon, Caitlin Kiernan, Tanith Lee, Ramsey Campbell, and many others. Over 500 pages of cool stuff. - $9

Das Groobe Lesebuch Der Fantasy, edited by Melissa Andersson (Goldmann, tp) - Germany-language fantasy anthology with my “Bone-Carver’s Tale” in it and work by Mike Moorcock, Tad Williams, Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, etc. - $6

Leviathan 2: Novellas, edited by Jeff VanderMeer (Ministry of Whimsy, 1998, tp) - Features Scott Eagle art and work by Richard Calder, Stepan Chapman, L. Timmel Duchamp, Rhys Hughes, with a foreword by David Pringle and interviews with all four authors (in some cases the first interviews they had ever given). - $12

Books Associated with Me

Chapman, Stepan, The Troika (Ministry of Whimsy, 1997) - In both first and second editions, the PKD award-winning novel. A classic and something you should read if you haven't yet. $15 for the second edition, $20 for the first edition. Limited quantities, pristine.

Thomas, Jeffrey, Punktown (Ministry of Whimsy, 2000, tp) - The original classic collection with a marvelous cover by H.E. Fassl. From the author who recently had a Solaris mass market Punktown novel out. - $12

Magazine Appearances

Amazing Stories Sept. 1989, edited by Patrick Lucien Price - Contains my Rhysling-finalist poem “Four Theories of Earth-Moon System Formation” (very long) and work by John Brunner, Michael Bishop, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman, among others. - $1.50 (2 copies available)

Asimov’s SF April 1995, edited by Gardner Dozois - Contains my story “Bone-Carver’s Tale, accompanied by cool Alan Clark art. Also Ursula K. LeGuin, Brian Aldiss, Brian Stableford, Mike Resnick, etc. - $3

Fantasy & Science Fiction May 2002, edited by Gordon Van Gelder - Contains my brief essay on Stuart Gordon’s Smile on the Void, but more importantly the first appearance of Jeffrey Ford’s classic story “Creation”. - $3


Featured Selection:

MORRIS, FRANCES; WARNER, MARINA >> LOUISE BOURGEOIS (THE UNILEVER SERIES) >> $160, from the Tate Modern in London. Hardcover. Burgundy cloth-covered boards debossed with spider design and title stamped in silver on cover and spine; no dust jacket as issued. Sculpture and mixed-media works and text by Louise Bourgeois. Essays by Frances Morris, Marina Warner and Paul Hillyard. Includes a chronology and a bibliography. Designed by Anne Odling-Smee / August. 72 pp., with numerous color and black and white illustrations. Published on the occasion of the 2000 exhibition Louise Bourgeois at the Tate Modern, London. Out of print. Scarce. In PERFECT condition. (Willing to discount this one, but just slightly.)

Coffee Table Books from $4 and up:

BASE, GRAEME >> THE WORSE BAND IN THE UNIVERSE >> $12; from Abrams, with unopened CD, this is the guy who gave us Animalia.

BERMAN, CARL >> PEOPLE OF THE HIGH PLATEAU >> $3, from Airlife, documenting in paintings and text people who live where the air is thin and the hallucinations come easy. A bookplate signed in the front but otherwise in good condition. You wouldn't give it to your mother, but you might give it to someone instead of tupperware.

CRISPOLTI, ENRICO, EDITOR >> ERNST, MIRO, AND THE SURREALISTS >> $10, from Bloomsbury, art by Ernst, Miro, etc., with commentary. A handsome book.

DODD, PHILIP >> THE BOOK OF ROCK >> $5; from Thunder's Mouth Press, a thick bulldog of a soft cover with tons of photos and recollections, with a red remainder mark, alas. Otherwise, we'd be selling it much higher. It's beautifully designed.

DOONAN, SIMON >> CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW DRESSER >> $12; from Calloway Press, "Involved in the cutting edge of fashion, design, and pop culture for twenty years, Doonan has collaborated with the biggest names in the fashion world--Lagerfield, Lacroix, and Armani--and worked with the most notorious names in the art world--Mapplethorpe, Rauschenberg, and La-Chapelle. Whether making fun of blondes, sending up Sigmund Freud in Neurotic Yule, or creating caricatures of celebrities--such as Dan Quayle (paired with a giant Mr. Potato Head in a dunce cap)--Doonan's windows have been sometimes irreverent, yet always fearless and entertaining." The dust jacket is torn, but the boards reproduce the same image, somewhat mitigating this disadvantage. The book itself is in excellent condition.

HARPER, PRUDENCE ET AL >> ROYAL CITY OF SUSA: ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN TREASURES IN THE LOUVRE >> $20, from Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1993, published on the occasion of an exhibition of objects on loan from the Louvre to the MMA. Some 200 artifacts found at the site of the ancient Iranian plateau's city of Susa produced over a period of almost four thousand years are presented. Each work in the exhibition is illustrated and fully described. With maps, chronology & a comprehensive bibliography. Over 70 full-color pictures and many hundreds in black-and-white.

HENNING, EDWARD B >> FIFTY YEARS OF MODERN ART, 1916-66 >> $4, from the Cleveland Museum of Art, with some color plates. Published in 1966. No dust jacket. Boards are somewhat worn. A bookplate is pasted into the front inside cover. Miro, Picasso, and all the rest. Some of the full-color art plates are tipped in.

KAHLO, FRIDA >> FRIDA KAHLO POSTER BOOK >> $4, from Taschen, an oversized softcover slipcase for 6 wonderful prints (31 x 44 cm).

LAMBRAY, MAUREEN >> THE AMERICAN FILM DIRECTORS, VOLUME 1 >> $15, from Collier Books, a little worn around the edges (it is 30 years old) and a little bit of price tag glue that'll be gone by the time it gets to you in your ancestral home with the ivy creeping up the walls. Photographer Maureen Lambray explored an essential moment in American film by photographing some of the great Hollywood directors such as George Cukor, Billy Wilder, and Frank Capra. She also captured young rising stars such as Martin Scorsese and Robert Altman. Great black-and-white art in soft cover.

LONDON, ROSE >> CINEMA OF MYSTERY >> $4; 112 pages, mostly black-and-white, a history of horror films. Ann wrote her name in the book, on the inside front cover, but otherwise it's in very good shape.

MILNE, PETER >> FISH IN A BARREL: NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS ON TOUR >> $25, from 2.13.61, in excellent condition, a large-format soft cover of photographs by Milne from the Nick Cave 1992 tour. Brilliant photos, and with an introduction by Cave. Stunning photos, really. Give this one a good home.

NINTH LETTER >> NINTH LETTER, VOL. 3, NO. 1 AND 2 >> $3.50 each, from University of Illinois, 2006-07, a literary magazine that as a hugely oversized softcover of almost 200 pages each looks more like...a coffee table book. Poetry, art, fiction, and essays from a variety of cool literary figures like Michael Martone, Roy Kesey, Josh Ames, Elizabeth Bell, etc., but the reader's eye is as drawn to the cool graphics and art as the text. Nice, aggressive, sometimes experimental layout. A few pages are dog-eared in vol. 3, no. 1. Normally costs $10 per issue.

O'KEEFE, GEORGIA >> GEORGIA O'KEEFE: THE NEW YORK YEARS >> $34, from Knopf, a fine, large--very very large (16 x 13 1/2)--book on early Abstract American painter Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986); two specialists spotlight her years in New York between her arrival in 1905, her fateful meeting with Alfred Stieglitz and her rise to fame in the 1920's - a groundbreaking analysis of O'Keeffe's work by art historian Bram Dijkstra. With huge, spectacular color plates. The dust jacket has some scuffs. On the inside front cover, there is an inscription from Jeff.

OWEN, WILLIAM >> MODERN MAGAZINE DESIGN >> $65, from Rizzoli, 1991. STILL in shrinkwrap, never opened, in pristine condition, including the dust jacket. Part one concentrates on the history of design, illustrated magazines and the photographic movement, photojournalism between the wars, the first age of the art director: Cleland, Agha and Brodovitch, the New York School 1945 - 68 etc. Part two discusses the cover, photography and illustration, magazines for the electronic age including examples of Emigré, Tatler, and the Face. This is a steal at this price.

PARMALEE, DAVID F. >> BIRD ISLAND IN ANTARCTIC WATERS >> $8, from University of Minnesota Press, the adventures of an artist/ornithologist on a lonely outcrop in the far South Atlantic. Yeah, the guy almost goes crazy, but gets a book out of it. It's a first edition. Possibly the only edition. We bought it for $20, so we're not ripping you off...

PIADE, LYNN >> CITIZEN KANE: HOLLYWOOD CLASSICS >> $5, from Smithmark, documenting how the movie was made, with copious full-page, sharp black-and-white stills from the movie and from the set.

PIGNATTI, TERISO >> MASTER DRAWINGS: FROM CAVE ART TO PICASSO >> $25; from Wellfleet Press, a comprehensive and gorgeous book with hundreds of full-color plates and well-written essays. Inscription and name on the inside of the boards; otherwise, perfect.

REILLY, WILLIAM >> VANISHING EDEN: THE PLIGHT OF THE TROPICAL RAINFOREST >> $30; from the Barrons educational series, a collection of wonderful photos that show what we still can see of our global natural heritage. Nice picture of Olivia Newton-John in the forward, which she wrote.

REISS, DAVID, EDITOR >> MASH: THE EXCLUSIVE INSIDE STORY >> $5; everything you ever wanted to know about the TV show in 160 pages of soft cover text and black-and-white photos, published in 1980.

RENSE, PAIGE, EDITOR >> DESIGNER'S OWN HOMES >> $6; from Architectural Digest, private residences of 30 of the leading designers from the 80s. Great photos and really funny to see what they thought was good design back then. A bump on the front board, reflected on the dust jacket, but hard to see unless you're looking.

ROMANELLI, GIANDOMENICO, EDITOR >> VENICE: ART & ARCHITECTURE >> $70; from Konemann, a 2-volume set in slipcase featuring hundreds and hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations, with text. Oversized hardcovers. Dustjackets of both volumes are pristine, as are the books themselves. The slipcase is torn and will need to be repaired. Vol I is "devoted to the artistic history of Venice from its beginnings in the Lagoon region, even before the emergence of Venice as a name, to the 16th century. Particular attention given to the development of mosaic art." Vol II "explores the period from the 17th to the 20th centuries.".

SCHIFF, NANCY >> ODD JOBS >> $8; from Ten Speed Press, those insane bastards. If you hate your job, just be glad you don't sniff armpits for a living. Apparently, if a woman sniffs a man's armpit for 6 hours, it has a calming effect. It's just the first 5 hours and 59 minutes that are excruciating. Anyway, this fascinating and compact hardcover includes really good black-and-white full-page photos with text describing jobs that you'd mostly rather not have.

SLOWINSKI >> SLOWINSKI >> $65, from Direct Art Books, with an introduction by Andre Codrescu. The iconic and insane art of this extremely talented creator. It looks a little like a surreal Sendak for adults. We're selling it $15 below the ABE price. Cover printed on the boards. A political artist in addition to being an American Surrealist. Very original.

SUTCLIFFE, PHIL ET AL >> THE POLICE >> $4; in an attractive soft cover, everything you ever wanted to know about The Police.


(from the Ryden book listed below SOLD)

Graphic Novels (soft cover unless otherwise noted, and new or like new)

Enquire for information on a few titles not listed.

ANTHOLOGY >> BLURRED VISION >> $7; the avant garde visual arts anthology: collage, cartoons, and all kinds of other things, well worth a look in a lovely oversized soft cover format.

ANTHOLOGY >> BLURRED VISION 2 >> $7; the sequel to the original avant garde visual arts anthology: collage, cartoons, and all kinds of other things, well worth a look in a lovely oversized soft cover format.

KNEECE, MARK >> TRAILERS >> $5; a trailer park murder leads to dire consequences for a teenage boy: the body keeps coming back

LEWIS, DAVID A. WITH MPMANN >> THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS >> $7; from Archaia, a ForeWord book of the year honorable mention, in a nicely compact hardcover edition; a retelling of the Book of Exodus through the eyes of the Pharoah; beautiful art.

MASLOV, NIKOLAI >> SIBERIA >> $6; from Soft Skull Press, in oversized trade paper; slightly bent cover; the life of a night watchman in Siberia in the 1950s; harrowing, etc.

MASON AND SZEWCZUK >> SLEEPING DRAGONS: BECCA'S SCARECROWS >> $6; from Too Hip, swords and sorcery adventures; two epic tales of fantasy

MCGRUDER, AARON >> A RIGHT TO BE HOSTILE >> $7; with foreword by Michael Moore, a Boondocks comics treasury.

MCKEEVER, TED >> METROPOL VOL. 1, 3 AND 4 >> $4 from Epic Comics, two single issues of the bizarre and surreal comic

MOORE, ALAN >> SWAMP THING: VOLUME 1 >> $8; from Vertigo, really cool, with Steve Bissette, etc.

MOORE, ALAN >> THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, VOL 2, ISSUES 1--4 >> $20 for all four issues of the classic tale

PAVELEC, JIM >> HELL BEASTS >> $4; from Impact Books, how to draw grotesque fantasy creatures, with text and images from a very talented fantasy artist.

ROBBINS, TRINA >> THE SILVER METAL LOVER >> $15; a collectible based on the novel by Tanith Lee; very 70s in execution and design

RODRIGUEZ, JASON >> POSTCARDS >> $9; from Villard, an anthology of short illustrated pieces based on old postcards, including work from Harvey Pekar and a host of other well-known names; a stylish-looking book in hardcover.

RYAN, CRASH >> DARK HORSE PRESENTS #44 >> $2 from Dark Horse, a collection of stories

SHAW, DASH >> THE MOTHER'S MOUTH >> $6; from Alternative Comics, the moving, often odd award-nominee

SMART, JAMIE >> BEAR #3 >> $1.50 from SLG, the single issue of the wonderful cluttered and peculiar gothic tale

VALENTINO, SERENA ET AL >> GLOOM COOKIE ISSUES 1, 13 THROUGH 22, AND TWO COPIES OF THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL >> $25; for all of the single issues as a "set", or can be sold separately at $1.50 each


Single Author Fiction Collections (trade paperback unless otherwise noted, and in excellent condition unless otherwise noted, with many being first editions)

AGUIRRE, FORREST >> FUGUE XXIX >> $3; from Raw Dog Screaming Press, this collection has been blurbed by Zivkovic and Lake, with the stories having appeared in, among others, The Notre Dame Review.

ETCHEMENDY, NANCY >> CAT IN GLASS >> $10; Cricket Books, in hardcover with dust jacket, in pristine condition, a first edition of children's stories by the award-winning author.

FERRIS, STEVE >> THE CUB-HUNTING SEASON >> $6; from Vintage, mesmerizing stories of transformation and enchantment by another writer who seems to have fallen off the map since this came out in 1996. Really interesting stuff--another one to check out.

KENNEDY, THOMAS E. >> DRIVE, DIVE, DANCE AND FIGHT >> $3; from BkMk Press, a collection by an underrated surreal magic realist whose world view is just always a bit off. He's published widely in the mainstream literary world. You should try him.

MOHANRAJ, MARY ANNE >> BODIES IN MOTION >> $12; from HarperCollins, in pristine condition, a first edition hardcover in dust jacket of exotic and sensual short stories from a masterful storyteller, blurbed by Karen Joy Fowler.

MURRAY, JOHN >> A FEW SHORT NOTES ON TROPICAL BUTTERFLIES >> $3; from HarperCollins, a collection of vivid and compelling tales, many set in Africa and Asia, and much praised for their use of the language of biology and natural history without being pedantic. Has a remainder mark, but otherwise in fine condition.

PEARLMAN, DANIEL >> THE BEST-KNOWN MAN IN THE WORLD >> $4; from Aardvark Wolf Press, with blurbs from Joe Lansdale, Jack Dann, and moi, and including the lovely "The Circus Hand's Desertion," from Ann's The Silver Web. A great collection from a very interesting writer.

TAYLOR, BRUCE >> THE FINAL TRICK OF FUNNYMAN AND OTHER STORIES >> $3; from Fairwood Press, this is a reprint of the original Ministry of Whimsy Press collection, featuring on the front cover the Taylor-with-lights-shooting-out-of-his-face photo that we managed to consign to the back cover in our edition. Still, the contents are the same, and there is some really interesting, sometimes Bradburyesque material in here.


(All in good condition.)

ATKINS, SUSAN, WITH BOB SLOSSER >> CHILD OF SATAN, CHILD OF GOD >> $2; with "8 pages of actual photographs" as opposed to the crude portrait on the front, "Charles Manson's woman reveals the incredible truth of the Helter Skelter murders!"

BUGLIOSI, VINCENT, WITH GENTRY, CURT >> HELTER SKELTER >> $3; the true story of the Manson Murders!

F., CHRISTIANE >> CHRISTIANE F. >> $3; the sensational shocker that stunned Europe; at fourteen she turned on to hard drugs and illicit sex; now she tells her terrifying true story!!!!!!!!!! Made into a movie with David Bowie. Of course.

FRANK, GEROLD >> THE BOSTON STRANGLER >> $3; look into his eyes--would you trust him? 2000 women did...eeek! I can't even continue to type in the front cover copy.

GELB, BARBARA >> ON THE TRACK OF MURDER >> $2; behind the scenes with a homicide commando, squad

HOWARD, CLARK >> ZEBRA >> $3; the terrifying tale of brutality, mutilation, and mass murder involving a fanatical cult who hacked white people to death!!!!!!!

KWITNY, JONATHAN >> THE MULLENDORE MURDER CASE >> $3; the story of a millionaire and the mafia, with clues to a crime never officially solved!

WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH >> THE ONION FIELD >> $3; a man tends his onion field for years without anyone noticing; er, okay, so this is actually the classic true-crime thriller you've all heard about

WESTBIE, CONSTANCE, WITH CAMERON, HAROLD >> NIGHT STALKS THE MANSION >> $2; the true story of the Cameron family's terrifying encounter with the supernatural!

WINER, RICHARD >> HOUSES OF HORROR >> $2; shocking, documented evidence that vengeful spirits have returned to haunt the living!

WINER, RICHARD, WITH ISHMAEL, NANCY >> MORE HAUNTED HOUSES >> $2; startling new evidence that restless ghosts still walk the earth! (and they want all of your bubblegum)


(Lovesey, listed below)

Featured Selections:

ARNOTT, JAKE >> HE KILLS COPPERS >> $6; from Sceptre and a master of the form, a return to the world of 1960s gangsters, this time focusing on the cops as well as the thieves and taking us effortlessly from the 1966 World Cup to the 1980s and Thatcherism.

LOVESEY, PETER >> THE LAST DETECTIVE >> $6; from Soho Crime, a Peter Diamond mystery. Diamond is among my favorite detectives, and this is a classic by any meaning of the term. I'd tell you more, but my butt is beginning to hurt, sitting here typing up info on all of these books. Trade paperback.

Mystery HC/TP//Mass Market (all in very good or excellent shape unless noted; also, you may find mysteries or thrillers in other sections, like Oddities-Rarities)

Mystery Fiction Hardcovers (all with dust jackets in excellent condition unless otherwise noted)

FAHERTY, TERENCE >> DIE DREAMING >> $5; new from St. Martin's Press, in pristine condition, first edition, first printing, 1994: Faherty's "metaphysical" detective series, in which Our Hero goes to his high school reunion and a whole butt-load of weird stuff happens. Recommended.

IZZI, EUGENE >> THE CRIMINALIST >> $8; new from Avon, in pristine condition, first edition, first printing: "An unrivaled craftsman and brilliant chronicler of life in the urban darkness has created an unforgettable novel of men who break the law, men who are broken by it, and those who have to pick up the pieces. 'Everyone is guilty of something.' That's the unspoken credo of the Chicago Police Department. Innocence is something that must always be proven. And even then it is suspect."

KEATING, H.R.F. >> DEAD ON TIME >> $5; new from Mysterious Press, in pristine condition, first edition, first printing: a classic from the writer who focused on India as a setting. In this one, Keating's ingenious detective doubts a confession. Exotic and lively writing. Recommended.

KEATING, H.R.F. >> INSPECTOR GHOTE GOES BY TRAIN >> $3; from The Thriller Book Club: a classic from the writer who focused on India as a setting. Recommended.

RICKMAN, PHIL >> THE SMILE OF A GHOST >> $9; new from Macmillan, in pristine condition, 2005: the horror writer turned to mysteries. A Merrily Watkins mystery set in a small town with three murders for Watkins to solve. A good writer, a good, entertaining read.

SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL >> IN THE COMPANY OF CHEERFUL LADIES >> $10; new from Pantheon, in pristine condition, first edition, first printing, 2004: In the newest addition to the universally beloved No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, the charming and ever-resourceful Precious Ramotswe finds herself overly beset by problems. She is already busier than usual at the detective agency when added to her concerns are a strange intruder in her house on Zebra Drive and the baffling appearance of a pumpkin. And then there is Mma Makutsi, who decides to treat herself to dance lessons, only to be partnered with a man who seems to have two left feet. Nor are things running quite as smoothly as they usually do at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. Mma Ramotswe's husband, the estimable Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, is overburdened with work even before one of his apprentices runs off with a wealthy woman. But what finally rattles Mma Ramotswe's normally unshakable composure is a visitor who forces her to confront a secret from her past.

Mystery Fiction Trade Paperbacks

BLACK, CARA >> MURDER IN THE MARAIS >> $4; from Soho Crime, the adventures of a half-French, half-American detective in Paris, who is approached by a rabbi to decipher a 50-year-old encrypted photograph. She has a partner who is a "dwarf with extraordinary computer skills," which always helps.

BONFIGLIOLI, KYRIL >> THE MORTDECAI TRILOGY >> $2; from Black Spring, a trilogy of funny crime novels from a master stylists. This copy is a bit beat up, but, hey, it's still three novels in one. Blurbed by Stephen Fry.

HANSEN, JOSEPH >> THREE DAVE BRANDSTETTER MYSTERIES >> $6; from Quality Paperback Book Club, you get three in one (Skinflick, Gravedigger, and Nightwork), all featuring Brandstetter, an insurance investigator, in a series that has achieved classic status

KOPPERUD, GUNNAR >> THE BACKPACKER'S FATHER >> $4; Bloomsbury, with a few dog-eared pages, a brooding novel about a man trying to find his daughter on a remote island in the middle of political repression. Very odd, sometimes surreal. Worth checking out.

LIMON, MARTIN >> SLICKY BOYS >> $5; from Soho Crime, what's worse than a rogue army cop--try two rogue army cops, in this mid-1970s Korean crime thriller...

SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL >> THE NO. 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY >> $4; from Anchor Books, the first of the beloved mystery series. (If you want to buy all three together, we'll knock it down to $10.)

SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL >> TEARS OF THE GIRAFFE >> $4; from Anchor Books, the third of the beloved mystery series.

SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL >> MORALITY FOR BEAUTIFUL GIRLS >> $4; from Anchor Books, the third of the beloved mystery series.

SJOWALL, MAJ AND WAHLOO, PER >> ROSEANNA >> $2; from Vintage, a classic Martin Beck mystery, one of my favorites series. Alas, someone has scrawled a line in magic marker across the front; otherwise, fine.

STEINHAUER, OLEN >> THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS >> $5; from Random House UK, set in an anonymous totalitarian country, with a detective being undermined by his fellows and set up for a fall in a case involving a famous person; creepy and atmospheric

TEMPLE, PETER >> BLACK TIDE >> $4; from Text Publishing, a Jack Irish thriller, a distinctly urban Australian series that rips, crackles, and snorts with a delicious pace, according to Age, although I wasn't sure if they meant the book or a combination of a roasting pig and a galloping horse. Still, I like Temple. You should give him a try.

VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM >> TUMBLEWEED >> $5; from Soho Crime, another of the classic Grijpsira and DeGier mysteries, set in Holland

VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM >> THE CORPSE ON THE DIKE >> $5; from Soho Crime, another of the classic Grijpsira and DeGier mysteries, set in Holland, this time with a corpse--found on the dike!

Mystery Fiction Mass Market Paperbacks

CHESBRO, GEORGE C. >> CITY OF WHISPERING STONE >> $3; from Dell, a classic Mongo the dwarf mystery. Chesbro is not the best stylist, but these are strange, great mysteries and you should try them. I gobbled them all up when I first encountered them.

CONNELLY, MICHAEL >> THE CONCRETE BLONDE >> $4; from St. Martin's, another of the Harry Bosch mysteries, this time about a serial killer named The Dollmaker. In perfect condition. I love this series.

CONNELLY, MICHAEL >> THE BLACK ICE >> $3; from St. Martin's, a Harry Bosch mystery in which he must investigate an apparent suicide by a homicide detective that leads to a bloody string of murders. Great series.

CONNELLY, MICHAEL >> THE LAST COYOTE >> $3; from St. Martin's, a Harry Bosch mystery in which he's on the edge and might just go over it, trying to solve an unsolved crime from 1961.

CONNELLY, MICHAEL >> ANGELS FLIGHT >> $3; from Warner, yet another satisfying Harry Bosch mystery, this time about a murdered activist attorney, which Bosch takes on just as his marriage is unraveling. Connelly always delivers the goods.

DUNNING, JOHN >> BOOKED TO DIE >> $2; from Avon, another of the Cliff Janeway mysteries. Janeway is a bookman and most of the mysteries focus on some aspect of books. If you haven't checked them out yet, here's a good place to start at low risk. Ann and I really like this series.

HART, ERIN >> HAUNTED GROUND >> $3; from Pocket, a refreshing change of pace, in which a pathologist and archaeologist team up to solve a murder in the Irish peat bog.

KEATING, H.R.F. >> THE BAD DETECTIVE >> $2; from Pan Macmillan, the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award Winner starring Jack Stallworthy as a corrupt detective who is offered a deal he can't refuse in return for stealing a file, which only gets him deeper and deeper in trouble. A careful and dangerous character study.

LIPMANN, LAURA >> THE LAST PLACE >> $3; from Avon, another entertaining mystery-thriller from the bestselling author, featuring Tess Monaghan on the trail of a psychopath in Baltimore.

LIPMANN, LAURA >> BUTCHER'S HILL >> $2; from Avon, with Tess Monaghan having left the newspaper and become a private eye. She takes on the case of a former vigilante just in time for the former witnesses to start dying. And that's just the start of a complex Baltimore mystery.

LIPPMAN, LAURA >> IN BIG TROUBLE >> $3; from Avon, a Tess Monaghan mystery set in the streets of Baltimore, a big favorite of Ann's.

LIPPMAN, LAURA >> CHARM CITY >> $3; from Avon (and in pristine condition), it's another Monaghan mystery, this time revolving around the death of a business tycoon.

MCCLURE >> THE GOOSEBERRY FOOL >> $2; from Pantheon, a mystery featuring Tromp Kramer and his Bantu assistant Mickey Zondi. Set in Africa, great stuff about the murder of a civil servant.

PARKER, T. JEFFERSON PARKER >> BLACK WATER >> $2; from Hyperion Books, featuring the return of detective Merci Rayborn, a complex and interesting cop, in a manhunt that leads many questioning her abilities. I like Parker a lot. Came to him late but have read a lot now.

SJOWALL, MAJ AND WAHLOO, PER >> COP KILLER >> $3; from Vintage, the classic Martin Beck police mystery set in Sweden. These mysteries are so evocative of Sweden and such great stories--among my favorites of all time. Check it out if you haven't read Beck before.

SLAUGHTER, KARIN >> A FAINT COLD FEAR >> $3; from Harper, a big, thick mystery-thriller from the bestselling author, featuring medical examiner Sara Linton. A satisfying read set in a small town, concerning a horribly mutilated corpse and some supposed suicides.


Featured Selections:

BARZAK, CHRISTOPHER >> ONE FOR SORROW >> $8; new from Bantam, just released and unread (bought one then the publisher sent one), the first novel from a talented new writer, this one sports blurbs from Karen Joy Fowler among others and is a fantasy and coming-of-age novel all rolled into one. Highly recommended.

Trade Paperback Fiction (all tp fiction except mystery, which is on the mysteries list; all books in excellent condition unless noted; if a book is new and unread, this is also noted as the condition is then pristine and the price a little higher)

ALESHKOUSLEY, YUZ >> KANGAROO >> $4; Dalkey Archive, translated from the Russian, this is a satire you probably haven't read. So if your apartment is piled high with translated satires, you need one last book and this is it.

AMIS, MARTIN >> YELLOW DOG >> $6; new from Vintage, in pristine condition, the NYT notable book and notorious for dividing readers, some of whom loved it and some of whom hated it.

BENSON, AMBER AND GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER >> WITCHERY: A GHOSTS OF ALBION NOVEL >> $4; new from Ballantine, in pristine condition, "The ghosts of Albion themselves, including Lord Admiral Nelson and Lord Byron, join the fight against mystic evil."

BIRMINGHAM, JOHN >> THE FINAL IMPACT >> $6; new from Del Rey, 2007, in pristine condition, military SF.

BUCK, PEARL S. >> THE PAVILION OF WOMEN >> $4; Mayer Bell, the classic in a 1999 edition will make you remember why Buck is such a good writer.

CELINE, LOUIS-FERDINAND >> GUIGNOL'S BAND >> $4; New Directions, from the French, 1943.

CONROY, ROBERT >> 1945 >> $6; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, an alternate history supposing that Japan didn't surrender after World War II and that the US has to invade.

DAVIDSON, JENNY >> HEREDITY >> $4; Soft Skull, about an American writer who travels to the UK and becomes obsessed with an 18th century criminal named Jonathan Wild.

DUDMAN, CLARE >> WEGENER'S JIGSAW >> $6; new from Sceptre, pristine condition, one of my favorite novels, published in the US as One Day the Ice Will Know All of Its Dead. The classic historical fiction about the discoverer of continental drift theory. Exciting and profound. An extra copy we have.

DWORKIN, SUSAN >> DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN >> $1; the novel based on the movie, or the other way around

EGAN, JENNIFER >> LOOK AT ME >> $3; from Anchor Books, a NY fashion model rebuilds her life after a disfiguring car accident

FERREIRA, JEANNELLE M. >> A VERSE FROM BABYLON >> $3; Prime, a Jewish fantasy, short novel with lovely cover

GIFFORD, BARRY >> BABY CAT-FACE >> $4; Harcourt Brace, a bizarre New Orleans novel from the writer of Wild at Heart; recommended

GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER >> WILDWOOD ROAD >> $5; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, an atmospheric supernatural horror novel blurbed by Stephen King

GRIFFITHS, ANDY >> BUMAGEDDON >> $4 new from Pan Macmillan, in pristine condition, YA or middle school silliness. With a huge butt on the cover. You know Bumageddon is coming.

GROSSMAN, VASILY >> LIFE AND FATE >> $4; Harvill, the classic Russian novel that documents generations of life under Soviet rule, including the Battle of Stalingrad. A thick, weeks-consuming novel that I highly recommend. The translation is remarkable. Small remainder mark.

HODOR, TIMOTHY >> THE RECLUSE >> $2; Monte Verita, "reality and illusion crisscross in this short novel of an outsider in a conformist world. A Kafkaesque vision of alienation."

IRVING, JOHN >> A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR >> $4; Ballantine, the sprawling family history of one of Irving's most ambitious novels, the first half being particular effective.

JOYCE, GRAHAM >> THE FACTS OF LIFE >> $6; new from Washington Square Press, in pristine condition, the fantastic coming of age after World War II story that won a 2003 WF award.

KENNEDY, THOMAS E. >> THE BOOK OF ANGELS >> $4; from Wordcraft, a magician uses his magic to harness death, from a great prose stylist

LANDUIK, LORNA >> ANGRY HOUSEWIVES EATING BON BONS >> $4; Ballantine, enjoyable chicklit

LEBBON, TIM >> DAWN >> $5; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, the sequel to Dusk. A powerful new heroic fantasy series.

LEE, CHANG, RAE >> ALOFT >> $4; Riverhead Books, a NYT bestseller compared to Cheever and Gatsby.

LINDSKOLD, JANE >> CHILD OF A RAINLESS YEAR >> $5; Tor, a woman returns home to find that her mother has a magical past, definitely in a magic realist vein and worth seeking out

MARTIN, DOUGLAS >> BRANWELL >> $5; new from Soft Skull, in pristine condition, a novel about the poor Bronte brother, very inventive

MCFERRIN, LINDA WATANABE >> NAMAKO SEA CUCUMBER >> $5; new from Coffee House Press, a lovely coming of age story about a Japanese-American girl. With French flaps and a wonderful design.

MISHIMA, YUKIO >> THE TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN PAVILION >> $5; new from Vintage, in pristine condition, a classic coming of age story set in Kyoto.

MORIARTY JACLYN >> I HAVE A BED OF BUTTERMILK BISCUITS >> $4; Picador, Australian chicklit.

O'BRIAN, PATRICK >> POST CAPTAIN >> $5; WW Norton, the second in the classic series and my personal favorite, involving a bear suit, among other things.

O'BRIAN, PATRICK >> THE FORTUNE OF WAR >> $5; WW Norton, the third in the classic series

O'BRIEN, TIM >> GOING AFTER CACCIATO >> $4; Delta, reality and fantasy merge in this account of a private in Vietnam

OHLE, DAVID >> MOTORMAN >> $2; from 3rd Bed, the experimental novel compared favorably to the work of William Burroughs

OHLE, DAVID >> THE AGE OF SINATRA >> $3; Soft Skull, the sequel to the 1972 cult classic, and a really disturbing surreal novel

RAGEN, NAOMI >> THE COVENANT >> $4; St. Martin's, a very dramatic Israeli thriller

RUTHENBECK, STEVE >> DOGS OF WAR >> $2; Batwing Press, a WWII werewolf novel

SCHWARZCHILD, ED >> RESPONSIBLE MEN >> $3; Algonquin, a con man with a conscience, following three generations of men struggling to be good sons and fathers

SCOTT, TIM >> OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE >> $6; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, a freewheeling SF-fantasy in which neighborhoods are arranged by musical taste and there's all kinds of surreal, Douglas-Adams-like stuff happening.

SHAPIRO, ERIC >> IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY (2 COPIES) >> $2; Permuted Press, short horror novel, looks interesting

SLOANE, ROBERT C >> A NICE PLACE TO LIVE >> $5; Crown from the 1980s, and interesting haunted house mystery featuring a weird dog. In good enough shape to be a presentation copy. Pretty cool cover, too.

STACKPOLE, MICHAEL A. >> THE NEW WORLD >> $5; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, the third in the Age of Discovery trilogy

SURI, MANIL >> THE DEATH OF VISHNU >> $6; new from WW Norton, in pristine condition, a highly-praised novel from an Indian writer

THOMSON, RUPERT >> THE TURNING >> $4; Vintage, a psychological thriller from one of our best writers in which a blind man finds he can see in the dark.

THOMSON, RUPERT >> THE BOOK OF REVELATION >> $6; Vintage, a psychological thriller from one of our best writers in which a man is kidnapped and forced to enact games of power and sex.

THORNTON, LAWRENCE >> IMAGINING ARGENTINA >> $2; Bantam, the classic novel about South American repression, in magic realist mode, made into a crapulous movie. This is a reading copy only, worn and with my name written in it.

TRAVEN, B. >> GENERAL FROM THE JUNGLE >> $4; Ivan R. Dee, the last Travel jungle novel, a fictional epic of the birth of Mexico

TUTTLE, LISA >> THE MYSTERIES >> $6; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, a mythological thriller fantasy from a great writer

VICKERS, SALLY >> MR. GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY >> $2; HarperCollins, 1995, a man goes on holiday after the death of his son, from the bestselling author

VOITH, ADAM >> STAND UP, ERNIE BAXTER >> $4; new from TNI Books, in pristine condition, in this unique novel, the author mixes crisply written prose with the dept comic illustrations of underground artists Mike Lowery to explain the life of a dead man, that's both serious and comical, truly unique and recommended.

ZAFON, CARLOS RUIZ >> THE SHADOW OF THE WIND >> $5; from Penguin, a literary mystery that takes place in 1945 Barcelona, tinged with fantasy, a NYT bestseller


SOLD OUT--check this category in late November, as we will be adding items for a holidays sale.


Fiction Anthologies (trade paper unless otherwise noted; there are some anthos under Oddities and Rarities)

BASTARDS, RAT >> RABID TRANSIT: LONG VOYAGES, GREAT LIES >> $5, from Velocity Press, original fiction from F. Brett Cox, Geoffrey H. Goodwin, Meghan McCarron, Heather Shaw, and more.

CAMPBELL, RAMSEY (HOST) >> READ BY DAWN VOLUME 1 >> $5; from Bloody Books, featuring new and established writers from Finland, England, the US, and Australia, among others. Curious and bizarre, the TOC only lists the titles and there are no bio notes. Nicely designed, though. Campbell is referred to as the "host" and there's also a curator. I wonder if there's a sanitation engineer as well.

EBERSOLE, LUCINDA AND PEABODY, RICHARD >> SEX AND CHOCOLATE >> $7; from Paycock Press, with reprints and originals from Shelley Jackson, Rikki Ducornet, Nani Power, John McNally, and tons more. The Jackson is her infamous "Willy Wonka Slash" fiction.

EDWARDS, WAYNE >> PALACE CORBIE #6 >> $6; from Merrimack Books, with original fiction from D.F. Lewis, Holly Day, Mark McLaughlin, Mark Rich, and many more. 1995

HOLDER, NANCY ET AL >> OUTSIDERS >> $4; from Roc, 22 all-new stories about outsiders from writers such as Neil Gaiman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Kathe Koja, Poppy Z. Brite, Joe Lansdale, and David J. Schow.

HOWARD, LEE ALLEN >> THOU SHALT NOT... >> $1; from Dark Cloud Press, with original fiction from Michael Arnzen, Eugie Foster, etc., about breaking the commandments. The back cover seems to have broken the eleventh commandment, about using a readable typeface.

HUTCHINSON, DAVE >> STRANGE PLEASURES 3 >> $3; from Prime, with stories from Lou Anders, John Grant, and others

JONES, STEPHEN >> DARK OF THE NIGHT >> $10; hardcover from Pumpkin Books, new tales of horror and the supernatural, by Campbell, Kiernan, Royle, Michael Marshall Smith, Doug Winter, Kim Newman, Christopher Fowler, etc.

KILLHEFFER, ROBERT >> CENTURY #1 >> $12; the first issue of the now-classic magazine that lasted something like four issues. Includes then-original fiction by Bruce Holland Rogers, William Browning Spencer, Kelly Eskridge, Don Webb, and Jonathan Lethem.

MCNAMARA, PETER >> WONDER YEARS: THE TEN BEST STORIES OF THE DECADE PAST >> $7; from MirrorDanse, with work by Simon Brown, Margo Lanagan, Sean Williams, Lucy Sussex, Geoffrey Maloney, Terry Dowling, and several others. First edition. 2003.

PASECHNICK, STEVE >> ALCHEMY NO. 3 >> $6; original fiction from Theodora Goss, Sarah Monette, Sonya Taaffe, and many more.


Mass Market Paperback Fiction (you can find unusual mmpb editions in Oddities & Rarities and mystery mmpb fiction in Mysteries)

Pristine Condition (unread or like new) - ALL TITLES IN THIS SECTION $4.00

BARRON, T.A. >> THE GREAT TREE OF AVALON >> It's the Child of the Dark Prophecy book, a NYT bestseller blurbed by Robert Redford.

BEAR, ELIZABETH >> UNDERTOW >> A frontier world and a hired assassin. From the hot new author.

BUDRYS, ALGIS >> L. RON HUBBARD PRESENTS WRITERS OF THE FUTURE VOLUME XXII >> New fiction from up-and-coming writers who won in the W of the F contest, with commentary by Orson Scott Card, Algis Budrys, etc.

DART-THORNTON, CECILIA >> THE ILL-MADE MUTE: THE BITTERBYNDE, BOOK 1 >> The storm riders and their splendid winged stallions on the battlements of Isse Tower...and then all hell breaks loose. But seriously, wrights play a role and the prose is gorgeous. You know what you have to do.

KOONTZ, DEAN AND GORMAN, ED >> FRANKENSTEIN: BOOK 2, CITY OF NIGHT >> They are nearly indestructible. They are stronger, heal faster, and think faster than humans, and they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Helios, once Frankenstein, can stop these engineered killers. Now there's only one hope...two detectives who might just be able to do something that, um, I dunno, stops these indestructible killers.

RYAN, C.J. >> BURDENS OF EMPIRE >> It's the 33rd century, a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity, but now there's alien terrorism and sectarian violence on a backwater planet called, I mean, Not-Iraq. Enter the gorgeous and sexy Gloria VanDeen, ex-wife of the emperor and major ass-kicker.

WOODWORTH, STEPHEN >> FROM BLACK ROOMS >> Natalie has the power to channel murder victims and uses her paranormal gift to summon the spirits of legendary painters. All kinds of complications ensue--looks fairly unique.

In Good Condition

DURRELL, LAWRENCE >> THE BLACK BOOK >> $2; DEP, from the author of Justine, his first novel.

SHEA, MICHAEL >> NIFFT THE LEAN >> $2; DAW, second printing of this odd novel from the author of one of my favorite stories, "The Autopsy."


Trade Paperback Nonfiction (copies marked as new/pristine are slightly higher in price; most of these are unread)

ACKROYD, PETER >> BLAKE >> $7; Ballantine, excellent condition except for a bookstore stamp on the half-title page, and a first edition, 1996: The classic William Blake biography by the eccentric goof Peter Ackroyd, who always manages to do stuff that's simultaneously idiosyncratic and interesting.

ARMS, MYRON >> CATHEDRAL OF THE WORLD: SAILING NOTES FOR A BLUE PLANET >> $3; Anchorbooks, 2000, in good condition but clearly used, a write and professional sailor recounts his experiences of 40 years of sailing.

BIDDLECOMBE, PETER >> FRENCH LESSONS IN AFRICA >> $4; Little Brown, 1997 reprint, in good condition: the author's account of ten year's of travel through dozens of African countries. Really amazing anecdotes. Cool stuff. Worth your time.

BOTEACH, SHMULEY >> KOSHER SEX >> $5; new from Doubleday, in pristine condition, with a yarmulke and everything, 1999: the quotes on this book just crack me up, like "He's Dr. Ruth with a yarmulke" (see how "yarmulke" always gets a smile) or "A saucy volume that proves sex can be both holy and hot." Anyway, interesting book, all blurbs aside.

CAMPBELL, DAVID G. >> THE CRYSTAL DESERT >> $3; Houghton Mifflin, 1992: summers in antarctica, award-winning poetic yet encyclopedic compendium of maritime Antarctica.

CAWS, MARY ANN ET AL, EDITORS >> SURREALISM AND WOMEN >> $6; new from MIT press, in pristine condition, first edition: a series of fascinating essays that outline exactly how the male version of surrealism acted to repress women by demoting them to second-class creators or "muses". It's all cogent and intelligent stuff, and I tend to agree with it. That's one reason why it's so satisfying to see someone like Angela Carter take surrealism and turn it on its head.

COURRIER, KEVIN AND GREEN, SUSAN >> LAW & ORDER: THE UNOFFICIAL COMPANION >> $8; Renaissance Books, in pristine condition, first edition, 1998, oversized: everything you wanted to know about the TV show before it went all boring on you. With lots of photos.

DIAMANT, ANITA >> THE NEW JEWISH WEDDING >> $5; Simon and Schuster, 1993: a great primer on how to have a Jewish wedding in the modern age. Helped up. Recommended. Blurbed by Chaim Potok.

DYER, LAWRENCE >> A COTTAGE ON THE MOSS >> $4; Library Empyreal, in excellent condition, 2003: Dyer's luminous, sometimes odd, account of living in a remote cottage in England's Peak District. All kinds of odd adventures and hardships. Recommended. (two left)

FERRIS, PAUL >> DYLAN THOMAS >> $5; new from Penguin, in pristine condition, 1977: a heartfelt and comprehensive biography of the great poet, with photos.

FRANZEN, JONATHAN >> HOW TO BE ALONE >> $3; Picador, 2003: essays from the blunderkind, taken from the pages of places like The New Yorker. Pretty cool, actually.

FREDSTON, JILL >> ROWING TO LATITUDE >> $2; North Point Press, 2001, first edition: journeys along the Arctic's edge. Harsh environmental conditions, but also unexpected outposts of life. In good condition.

FREEMAN, BRIAN AND VINCENT, BEV EDITORS >> THE ILLUSTRATED STEPHEN KING TRIVIA BOOK >> $10; new from Cemetery Dance, in pristine condition, first edition, 2005: Basically everything you'd ever want to know about King and his books, in one glossy, sharp-looking volume.

FRIEDMAN, THOMAS L >> FROM BEIRUT TO JERUSALEM >> $5; Anchor Books, 1990: the controversial book about the Middle East that won the National Book Award. Brilliant analysis, if somewhat slanted at times.

GARGAN, EDWARD A. >> THE RIVER'S TALE: A YEAR IN THE MEKONG >> $5; new from Vintage, in pristine condition, 2003, a seminal examination of the Mekong and its people, detailing Gargan's twelve-month journey upriver. With photos. Good stuff.

GRAY, RICHARD B. >> LATIN AMERICA AND THE UNITED STATES IN THE 1970S >> $1; F.E. Peacock, a worn copy with someone's name in it. We'll take 50 cents.

GURAN, PAULA >> THE WORD BOOK >> $1;, fair condition, 2004.

HEINRICH, BERND >> WINTER WORLD: THE INGENUITY OF ANIMAL SURVIVAL >> $6; new from Ecco, in pristine condition, 2003: a series of essays from the famous naturalist about various animal survival tactics for the cold. There's a Canadian frog that basically dies and then thaws out and comes back to life. For example.

HOROWITZ, FREDERICK A. >> MORE THAN YOU SEE: A GUIDE TO ART >> $2; Harcourt Brace, with color and black-and-white photos and illustrations, probably a textbook. Interesting.

KANFER, STEFAN >> THE LAST EMPIRE >> $2; Noonday, 1993, in good condition, remaindered: De Beers, diamonds, and the world. Pretty darn interesting.

KUSPIT, DONALD >> THE DIALECTIC OF DECADENCE >> $4; Allworth Press, first edition with French flaps: "Kuspit provocatively disentangles misconceptions of decadence generated by the notion of advance in art. He asserts that any attempt in modern art to renounce expressionism and the pursuit of meaning in figurative art is in itself a result of discontent and decadence - a loss of faith in history to tell its own story. Using a psychoanalytic approach, Kuspit topples Minimalist decrees most forcefully expressed by Donald Judd. Kuspit demonstrates that the ‘decadent’ pursuits of artists like Sandro Chia and George Baselitz are rooted in the avant-garde unconscious. He gracefully demonstrates how modern art’s internal battle with decadence is in fact a battle with itself, its own cause for existence." Honestly, it's an interesting book.

LAURENCE, EWA MATAYA >> THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO POOL AND BILLIARDS >> $10; new from Alpha, in pristine condition: everything you ever needed to know about pool, in a great, unmarked, unopened edition. Pick it up now and start making money at your local pool hall tomorrow.

LOOMIS, CHAUNCEY >> WEIRD AND TRAGIC SHORES >> $2; Modern Library, 2000, a little beat up, but a good reading copy: the story of Charles Francis Hall, explorer.

LORENZ, KONRAD Z. >> KING SOLOMON'S RING >> $1; Time Reading Program Special Edition, 1962, stamped inside with a person's name. In good condition. a good reading copy of this classic.

MACADAMS, WILLIAM AND NELSON, PAUL >> 701 TOUGHEST MOVIE TRIVIA QUESTIONS OF ALL TIME >> $4; Citadel Press, in pristine condition, 1996: yep, tough questions. Think you know movies? Guess again.

MACKINTOSH-SMITH, TIM >> TRAVELS WITH A TANGARINE >> $3; new from Picador, in pristine condition, 2002: Tim follows the path of a thirteenth-century adventurer from Tangier to Mecca and then on to Constantinople. Truly epic in scope and yet also personal. Great travel writing.

MAST, JIM ET AL >> BLOODY SUNSET IN ST. AUGUSTINE: A TRUE STORY >> $3; new from FPP, in pristine condition, first edition, 1998: An account of a ghastly murder in the oldest city in America, in 1974, and the investigation and cover-up that followed. Horrific reading--and written by my old boss at Municipal Code Corporation, Jim Mast. Go figure.

NELSON, MAGGIE >> JANE >> $3; new from Soft Skull, in pristine condition, first edition, 2005: in fractured prose and poetry, the author tries to come to grips with the supposed brutal murder of her aunt in the late 1960s. Not quite fiction, not quite nonfiction, it's a bold and experimental book blurbed by Brian Evenson.

QUEENAN, JOE >> CONFESSIONS OF A CINEPLEX HECKLER >> $2; Hyperion, 2000: the Evil Knievel of film criticism returns with a series of infuriating, thought-provoking, and entertaining essays and reviews. Some of them are too "hey look at me," but still good for the most part. Check him out.

RAND, AYN >> THE ART OF FICTION: A GUIDE FOR WRITERS AND READERS >> $6; Plume, new from Plume, in pristine condition, 2002: It's Ayn Rand. You need to pick it up. Aren't you at least curious?

SCHIFF, STACY >> VERA (MRS. VLADIMIR NABOKOV) >> $9; new from Simon & Schuster, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The story of Nabokov's wife, an integral part of his literary success and an enigmatic woman. Why did she give up her own life for his, considering her own success as a poet?

SPURGEON, BRAD >> COLIN WILSON: PHILOSOPHER OF OPTIMISM >> $7; Michael Butterworth Books, first edition, 2006: an extended interview with Wilson, the cult author and philosopher, that should be required reading. Definitely worth picking up.

SULLIVAN, MONICA >> VIDEOHOUND'S INDEPENDENT FILM GUIDE >> $5; Visible Ink, 1999: oversized, thick guide to over 1,000 films, loaded with photographs and commentary.

TASKER, YVONNE, EDITOR >> 50 CONTEMPORARY FILMMAKERS >> $6; Rutledge Key Books, 2002, first edition, with fascinating, detailed essays on all of your favorite interesting filmmakers, in a sleek, nicely designed book. Highly recommended.

THEROUX, LOUIS >> THE CALL OF THE WEIRD >> $6; new from Picador, in pristine condition, 2005: A book related to Theroux's travels in American subcultures TV show on BBC. These are essays about weird Americans. Apparently, he couldn't find a normal person, but maybe it's just him. Recommended.

THOMAS, DYLAN >> PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG DOG >> $3; Everyman, perfect except for slightly yellowing pages, 1998: Dylan's memories of childhood in a series of brilliant stories/essays.

THUBRON, COLIN >> BEHIND THE WALL: A JOURNEY THROUGH CHINA >> $4; Perennial, 1987: a thoughtful, thought-provoking account of Thubron's travels though China. Thubron is my favorite travel writer, and this is one of his best books. Only parting with it because we found out we had two copies.

TURGENEV, IVAN >> LITERARY REMINISCENCES AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL FRAGMENTS >> $3; Ivan Dee, 2001, in good condition, with an essay by Edmund Wilson: all kinds of nonfiction from the famous novelist, including ruminations on Gogol.

WELLS, MARTIN >> CIVILIZATION AND THE LIMPIT >> $3; Perseus Books, 1998, in perfect condition except for a remainder mark: an eccentric book by an eccentric marine biologist whose essays are marked by a weird sense of wonder. Recommended.


Featured Selections:

DAVIES, RAY >> X-RAY >> $22; new from Overlook Press, in pristine condition, first edition, 1995: Davies' eccentric autobiography that takes, in part, fictional form, in terms of the structure. Highly recommended for its portrait of the 1960s and 1970s.

Hardcover nonfiction (books in pristine, new condition are noted as such, and slightly more expensive)

BOWDEN, MARK >> ROAD WORK >> $9; new from Atlantic Monthly, in pristine condition, first edition, by the author of Black Hawk Down, including pieces on Saddam Hussein, Al Sharpton, Norman Mailer, and many others.

BRITE, POPPY Z. >> COURTNEY LOVE >> $7; like new from Simon & Schuster, 1997, with photos in black-and-white and color.

CHESLER, PHYLLIS >> THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM >> $9; new from Wiley, in pristine condition, first edition: radical left-wing feminist explains how old-fashioned anti-Semitism has become fashionable and acceptable in the modern day.

DAVIES, ROBERTSON >> THE PAPERS OF SAMUEL MARCHBANKS >> $4; Viking, 1985, columns and essays written by Davies under the alter ego of Marchbanks--great stuff and over 600 pages, remaindered

DRAPER, ROBERT >> ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE: THE UNCENSORED STORY >> $6; Doubleday, first edition, 1995, lots of photos, in excellent condition (like new). Literally the history of the magazine. It's also got a really nice interior design.

HANSEN, MARK VICTOR >> THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE >> $9; new from Harmony Books, in pristine condition, the enlightened way to wealth--obviously, if we had read this book, we might not be having this book sale and we would be re-flooring in solid gold tile.

HEIN, JAN >> JUMP THE SHARK >> $1; Dutton, first edition, remaindered, 2002, all about when various TV shows and other stuff "jumped the shark," or got worse.

KIERKEGAARD, SOREN >> FEAR AND TREMBLING >> $6; Everyman Library, in great condition, with ribbon, the classic texts

KORDA, MICHAEL >> ANOTHER LIFE: A MEMOIR OF OTHER PEOPLE >> $11; new from Random House, in pristine condition, 1999, Korda's autobiography that includes memories of such famous people as Reagan, Nixon, Joan Crawford, Graham Greene, and Tennessee Williams.

LINCOLN, W. BRUCE >> SUNLIGHT AT MIDNIGHT >> $9; new from Basic Books, in pristine condition, first edition, about St. Petersburg and the rise of modern Russia

PIKE, FREDERICK >> THE MODERN HISTORY OF PERU >> $2; in fair condition, an ex-library book. Very good book.

RUBIN, JORDAN S. >> THE MAKER'S DIET >> $7; new from Siloam, in pristine condition, 2004, not just another diet book, but a diet and health book based on the Bible. So there.

SACHS, A.S. >> BASIC PRINCIPLES OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM >> $2; Rand School, 1925, a good reading copy

STOLL, CLIFFORD >> HIGH TECH HERETIC >> $8; new from Doubleday, in pristine condition, 1999, first edition: why computers don't belong in the classroom and other reflections by a computer contrarian. By the author of Silicon Snake Oil.

WEST, PAUL >> MASTERCLASS >> $7; new from Harcourt, in pristine condition, 2001: scenes from a fiction workshop.

WHEELER, SARA >> TERRA INCOGNITO >> $6; Random House, Brodart protected, travels in Antarctica

WIAZ, JUNE ET AL >> GREEN EMPIRE >> $8; new from the University of Florida Press, in pristine condition, the St. Joe Company and the remaking of the Florida Panhandle, a comprehensive and investigative reporting look at Florida's biggest landowner. An eye-opener. Strong environmental writing, from 2004 (cover price $35)

ONE-DOLLAR BOOKS (poetry, fiction, nonfiction)

(One free with each order over $40 while supplies last)

Poetry (trade paper unless otherwise noted)

LOGAN, WILLIAM >> DIFFICULTY >> from Godine, a slim but wonderful collection by a great American poet, in great condition except some dumb guy named "Jeff" wrote his name and address on the inside front cover many, many years ago.

POPE, ALEXANDER >> THE WORKS OF ALEXANDER POPE >> from Wordsworth Poetry Library, with an introduction by Andrew Crozier and bibliography

PORTER, PATRICK >> THE INTRUSIVE ACHE OF MORNING >> $1; from Third Mind Press by an obscure but interesting poet who has probably been dead of starvation for at least five years (2000 is the publication date). Nothing's on the back cover except for a poem, from which I quote: "Stop f--cking around/A tight mob of components/That move with beautiful sound/All apart/They gracefully mock and strain and grasp..." So, for the memory of this probably completely dead poet, buy his book and toast him and you read its hardly opened pages.

RIMBAUD, ARTHUR >> RIMBAUD >> from Harper & Row, in a well-used copy that's got writing on the half title page, translated by Paul Schmidt

SHURIN, AARON >> INVOLUNTARY LYRICS >> from Omnidawn, with a lovely cover, "a dance with primordial speech offered through the dark playfulness of the flesh and mediated always by the double agent youth/age," according to Diane di Prima. All that for under five bucks, you lucky readers.

SPERBER, BARBARA >> IN THE GARDEN OF OUR OWN MAKING >> from Papier-Mache, about a woman and her dying mother, written with a mature clarity

STEVENS, C.J. >> COLLECTED POEMS >> from JW, the collected works of a widely translated poet whose work has also appeared in many influential literary magazines in the U.S. "

WALDROP, ROSMARIE >> LOVE, LIKE PRONOUNS >> from Omnidawn, with her meditations that draw from European and American experimentation, lavishly praised by Publishers Weekly.


Park West Gallery, vol. 1, issue 2 >> Fall 1988 art catalogue
Bloch, Robert >> Psycho II >> mmpb
Coppervale's International Studio >> Spring 2003 >> Magazine, oversized
Del Rey, Judy-Lynn >> Stellar SF Stories #4 >> HC
Eaton, Clement >> A History of the Old South >> HC textbook
Empy, Lamor >> American Delinquency >> Hc textbook
Faludi, Susan >> Backlash >> HC
Huxley, Aldous >> Chrome Yellow >> mmpb
Igus, et al >> Book of Black Heroes II: Great Women in the Struggle >> Oversized tpb
Kesey, Ken >> Sailor Song >> HC
Kincaid, Nanci >> Crossing Blood >> HC
Kunetka, Ken >> Sailor Song >> HC
Labella, Arleen >> Personal Power >> HC
Mantell, Michael >> Ticking Bombs >> HC
McMurtry, Larry >> Duane's Depressed >> hc
Ogawa, Grace >> Angel Devil--Wish Upon a Rock >> comic
Ogawa, Grace >> Tobius Grimbald >> comic
Preble, Duane and Sarah >> Artforms >> Oversized tpb - textbook
Straub, Peter >> Julia >> mmpb
Suares, J.C. >> Black and White Cats >> Hc, small
Swift, Graham >> Waterland >> Tpb
Taillefer, Craig A. >> Wahoo Morris I >> Tpb
Tucker, Anne, ed. >> The Woman's Eye >> Tpb, photo art book