Thursday, September 13, 2007


(All in good condition.)

ATKINS, SUSAN, WITH BOB SLOSSER >> CHILD OF SATAN, CHILD OF GOD >> $2; with "8 pages of actual photographs" as opposed to the crude portrait on the front, "Charles Manson's woman reveals the incredible truth of the Helter Skelter murders!"

BUGLIOSI, VINCENT, WITH GENTRY, CURT >> HELTER SKELTER >> $3; the true story of the Manson Murders!

F., CHRISTIANE >> CHRISTIANE F. >> $3; the sensational shocker that stunned Europe; at fourteen she turned on to hard drugs and illicit sex; now she tells her terrifying true story!!!!!!!!!! Made into a movie with David Bowie. Of course.

FRANK, GEROLD >> THE BOSTON STRANGLER >> $3; look into his eyes--would you trust him? 2000 women did...eeek! I can't even continue to type in the front cover copy.

GELB, BARBARA >> ON THE TRACK OF MURDER >> $2; behind the scenes with a homicide commando, squad

HOWARD, CLARK >> ZEBRA >> $3; the terrifying tale of brutality, mutilation, and mass murder involving a fanatical cult who hacked white people to death!!!!!!!

KWITNY, JONATHAN >> THE MULLENDORE MURDER CASE >> $3; the story of a millionaire and the mafia, with clues to a crime never officially solved!

WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH >> THE ONION FIELD >> $3; a man tends his onion field for years without anyone noticing; er, okay, so this is actually the classic true-crime thriller you've all heard about

WESTBIE, CONSTANCE, WITH CAMERON, HAROLD >> NIGHT STALKS THE MANSION >> $2; the true story of the Cameron family's terrifying encounter with the supernatural!

WINER, RICHARD >> HOUSES OF HORROR >> $2; shocking, documented evidence that vengeful spirits have returned to haunt the living!

WINER, RICHARD, WITH ISHMAEL, NANCY >> MORE HAUNTED HOUSES >> $2; startling new evidence that restless ghosts still walk the earth! (and they want all of your bubblegum)