Thursday, September 13, 2007


Featured Selections:

DAVIES, RAY >> X-RAY >> $22; new from Overlook Press, in pristine condition, first edition, 1995: Davies' eccentric autobiography that takes, in part, fictional form, in terms of the structure. Highly recommended for its portrait of the 1960s and 1970s.

Hardcover nonfiction (books in pristine, new condition are noted as such, and slightly more expensive)

BOWDEN, MARK >> ROAD WORK >> $9; new from Atlantic Monthly, in pristine condition, first edition, by the author of Black Hawk Down, including pieces on Saddam Hussein, Al Sharpton, Norman Mailer, and many others.

BRITE, POPPY Z. >> COURTNEY LOVE >> $7; like new from Simon & Schuster, 1997, with photos in black-and-white and color.

CHESLER, PHYLLIS >> THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM >> $9; new from Wiley, in pristine condition, first edition: radical left-wing feminist explains how old-fashioned anti-Semitism has become fashionable and acceptable in the modern day.

DAVIES, ROBERTSON >> THE PAPERS OF SAMUEL MARCHBANKS >> $4; Viking, 1985, columns and essays written by Davies under the alter ego of Marchbanks--great stuff and over 600 pages, remaindered

DRAPER, ROBERT >> ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE: THE UNCENSORED STORY >> $6; Doubleday, first edition, 1995, lots of photos, in excellent condition (like new). Literally the history of the magazine. It's also got a really nice interior design.

HANSEN, MARK VICTOR >> THE ONE MINUTE MILLIONAIRE >> $9; new from Harmony Books, in pristine condition, the enlightened way to wealth--obviously, if we had read this book, we might not be having this book sale and we would be re-flooring in solid gold tile.

HEIN, JAN >> JUMP THE SHARK >> $1; Dutton, first edition, remaindered, 2002, all about when various TV shows and other stuff "jumped the shark," or got worse.

KIERKEGAARD, SOREN >> FEAR AND TREMBLING >> $6; Everyman Library, in great condition, with ribbon, the classic texts

KORDA, MICHAEL >> ANOTHER LIFE: A MEMOIR OF OTHER PEOPLE >> $11; new from Random House, in pristine condition, 1999, Korda's autobiography that includes memories of such famous people as Reagan, Nixon, Joan Crawford, Graham Greene, and Tennessee Williams.

LINCOLN, W. BRUCE >> SUNLIGHT AT MIDNIGHT >> $9; new from Basic Books, in pristine condition, first edition, about St. Petersburg and the rise of modern Russia

PIKE, FREDERICK >> THE MODERN HISTORY OF PERU >> $2; in fair condition, an ex-library book. Very good book.

RUBIN, JORDAN S. >> THE MAKER'S DIET >> $7; new from Siloam, in pristine condition, 2004, not just another diet book, but a diet and health book based on the Bible. So there.

SACHS, A.S. >> BASIC PRINCIPLES OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM >> $2; Rand School, 1925, a good reading copy

STOLL, CLIFFORD >> HIGH TECH HERETIC >> $8; new from Doubleday, in pristine condition, 1999, first edition: why computers don't belong in the classroom and other reflections by a computer contrarian. By the author of Silicon Snake Oil.

WEST, PAUL >> MASTERCLASS >> $7; new from Harcourt, in pristine condition, 2001: scenes from a fiction workshop.

WHEELER, SARA >> TERRA INCOGNITO >> $6; Random House, Brodart protected, travels in Antarctica

WIAZ, JUNE ET AL >> GREEN EMPIRE >> $8; new from the University of Florida Press, in pristine condition, the St. Joe Company and the remaking of the Florida Panhandle, a comprehensive and investigative reporting look at Florida's biggest landowner. An eye-opener. Strong environmental writing, from 2004 (cover price $35)