Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mass Market Paperback Fiction (you can find unusual mmpb editions in Oddities & Rarities and mystery mmpb fiction in Mysteries)

Pristine Condition (unread or like new) - ALL TITLES IN THIS SECTION $4.00

BARRON, T.A. >> THE GREAT TREE OF AVALON >> It's the Child of the Dark Prophecy book, a NYT bestseller blurbed by Robert Redford.

BEAR, ELIZABETH >> UNDERTOW >> A frontier world and a hired assassin. From the hot new author.

BUDRYS, ALGIS >> L. RON HUBBARD PRESENTS WRITERS OF THE FUTURE VOLUME XXII >> New fiction from up-and-coming writers who won in the W of the F contest, with commentary by Orson Scott Card, Algis Budrys, etc.

DART-THORNTON, CECILIA >> THE ILL-MADE MUTE: THE BITTERBYNDE, BOOK 1 >> The storm riders and their splendid winged stallions on the battlements of Isse Tower...and then all hell breaks loose. But seriously, wrights play a role and the prose is gorgeous. You know what you have to do.

KOONTZ, DEAN AND GORMAN, ED >> FRANKENSTEIN: BOOK 2, CITY OF NIGHT >> They are nearly indestructible. They are stronger, heal faster, and think faster than humans, and they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Helios, once Frankenstein, can stop these engineered killers. Now there's only one hope...two detectives who might just be able to do something that, um, I dunno, stops these indestructible killers.

RYAN, C.J. >> BURDENS OF EMPIRE >> It's the 33rd century, a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity, but now there's alien terrorism and sectarian violence on a backwater planet called, I mean, Not-Iraq. Enter the gorgeous and sexy Gloria VanDeen, ex-wife of the emperor and major ass-kicker.

WOODWORTH, STEPHEN >> FROM BLACK ROOMS >> Natalie has the power to channel murder victims and uses her paranormal gift to summon the spirits of legendary painters. All kinds of complications ensue--looks fairly unique.

In Good Condition

DURRELL, LAWRENCE >> THE BLACK BOOK >> $2; DEP, from the author of Justine, his first novel.

SHEA, MICHAEL >> NIFFT THE LEAN >> $2; DAW, second printing of this odd novel from the author of one of my favorite stories, "The Autopsy."