Thursday, September 13, 2007


I’m happy to personalize or just sign any of the books below. All have material in them by me or I published them. If you order more than $25 off of this list, you get a free Ambergris beer label, full color, created by Eric Schaller, and a beautiful signed plate from me, in addition to any personalized signature...also, someone asked me if I'd give up my proof copy of my self-published chapbook for friends, The Book of Winter. I said, "Only for $1,000.") - Jeff

My Books

Best American Fantasy (editor, with Ann, from Prime) - Sample the antho now at a low price for this sale only. Includes work by Kelly Link, Kevin Brockmeier, Elizabeth Hand, etc. - $9 (while limited supplies last)

Ein Herz fur Lukretia (Shayol, tp, 288 p.) - The German edition of my Secret Life collection, in lovely, lovely design, and including stories not in the U.S. edition, while leaving out some stories in the U.S. edition. Same beautiful Scott Eagle cover. - $12

Kuningaskalmari (Finnish, chapbook) - This is the Finnish chapbook edition of King Squid, translated but keeping John Coulthart's graphics. Originally tipped in to the 100th issue of a Finnish magazine. Not otherwise available. Just wonderful, with additional entries added by the translator and editor. - $10 (while supplies last)

Shriek: An Afterword (Tor, advance uncorrected proof) - One of these available. - $14

Shriek: An Afterword (Tor, trade paperback, first edition) - Several of these available. - $10

Shriek: An Afterword (Pan Macmillan, mmpb) - Three mass market editions available to sell. - $9

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases (Night Shade, hc) - The classic antho that's now a Bantam trade paperback. ADVANCE READING COPY, rare--has different cover and slightly different layout than final book. - $60

VanderMeer 2005 (tp) - A small trade paperback I had done up to promote various books coming out in 2005. So it includes excerpts from Secret Lives (yeah, like that was going to come out in 2005) Shriek, Veniss, and City of Saints, along with an exclusive interview conducted by Neddal Ayad. In total, I wound up using about 200 of these. - $20

Veniss Underground (Prime Books, tp) - The original trade paperback of my far-future novel. - $8 (ONE LEFT)

Veniss Underground (Tor UK, tp) - One of the original uncorrected bound proofs sent out to reviewers. - $12

Also: Fungicide, Robert Devereux - the unofficial soundtrack to City of Saints, with liner notes and beautiful booklet featuring Hawk Alfredson's art. - $9

Anthology Appearances

Best New Fantasy 2006, edited by Sean Wallace (Prime Books, tp) - Contains my story “The Farmer’s Cat,” plus work by Theodora Goss, Holly Phillips, Gavin Grant, Jay Lake, Sonya Taaffe, and Kelly Link, among others. - $6

Dark Terrors, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton (Gollancz, hc) - Contains my story “At the Crossroads, Burying the Dog,” along with contributions by Peter Straub, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, Kim Newman, and many others. A huge extravaganza of dark horror. - $10

Dark Terrors 6, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton (Gollancz, oversized tp) - Contains my story “In the Hours After Death,” along with contributions by Nicholas Royle, Tim Lebbon, Caitlin Kiernan, Tanith Lee, Ramsey Campbell, and many others. Over 500 pages of cool stuff. - $9

Das Groobe Lesebuch Der Fantasy, edited by Melissa Andersson (Goldmann, tp) - Germany-language fantasy anthology with my “Bone-Carver’s Tale” in it and work by Mike Moorcock, Tad Williams, Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, etc. - $6

Leviathan 2: Novellas, edited by Jeff VanderMeer (Ministry of Whimsy, 1998, tp) - Features Scott Eagle art and work by Richard Calder, Stepan Chapman, L. Timmel Duchamp, Rhys Hughes, with a foreword by David Pringle and interviews with all four authors (in some cases the first interviews they had ever given). - $12

Books Associated with Me

Chapman, Stepan, The Troika (Ministry of Whimsy, 1997) - In both first and second editions, the PKD award-winning novel. A classic and something you should read if you haven't yet. $15 for the second edition, $20 for the first edition. Limited quantities, pristine.

Thomas, Jeffrey, Punktown (Ministry of Whimsy, 2000, tp) - The original classic collection with a marvelous cover by H.E. Fassl. From the author who recently had a Solaris mass market Punktown novel out. - $12

Magazine Appearances

Amazing Stories Sept. 1989, edited by Patrick Lucien Price - Contains my Rhysling-finalist poem “Four Theories of Earth-Moon System Formation” (very long) and work by John Brunner, Michael Bishop, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman, among others. - $1.50 (2 copies available)

Asimov’s SF April 1995, edited by Gardner Dozois - Contains my story “Bone-Carver’s Tale, accompanied by cool Alan Clark art. Also Ursula K. LeGuin, Brian Aldiss, Brian Stableford, Mike Resnick, etc. - $3

Fantasy & Science Fiction May 2002, edited by Gordon Van Gelder - Contains my brief essay on Stuart Gordon’s Smile on the Void, but more importantly the first appearance of Jeffrey Ford’s classic story “Creation”. - $3