Thursday, September 13, 2007


Featured Selections:

BARZAK, CHRISTOPHER >> ONE FOR SORROW >> $8; new from Bantam, just released and unread (bought one then the publisher sent one), the first novel from a talented new writer, this one sports blurbs from Karen Joy Fowler among others and is a fantasy and coming-of-age novel all rolled into one. Highly recommended.

Trade Paperback Fiction (all tp fiction except mystery, which is on the mysteries list; all books in excellent condition unless noted; if a book is new and unread, this is also noted as the condition is then pristine and the price a little higher)

ALESHKOUSLEY, YUZ >> KANGAROO >> $4; Dalkey Archive, translated from the Russian, this is a satire you probably haven't read. So if your apartment is piled high with translated satires, you need one last book and this is it.

AMIS, MARTIN >> YELLOW DOG >> $6; new from Vintage, in pristine condition, the NYT notable book and notorious for dividing readers, some of whom loved it and some of whom hated it.

BENSON, AMBER AND GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER >> WITCHERY: A GHOSTS OF ALBION NOVEL >> $4; new from Ballantine, in pristine condition, "The ghosts of Albion themselves, including Lord Admiral Nelson and Lord Byron, join the fight against mystic evil."

BIRMINGHAM, JOHN >> THE FINAL IMPACT >> $6; new from Del Rey, 2007, in pristine condition, military SF.

BUCK, PEARL S. >> THE PAVILION OF WOMEN >> $4; Mayer Bell, the classic in a 1999 edition will make you remember why Buck is such a good writer.

CELINE, LOUIS-FERDINAND >> GUIGNOL'S BAND >> $4; New Directions, from the French, 1943.

CONROY, ROBERT >> 1945 >> $6; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, an alternate history supposing that Japan didn't surrender after World War II and that the US has to invade.

DAVIDSON, JENNY >> HEREDITY >> $4; Soft Skull, about an American writer who travels to the UK and becomes obsessed with an 18th century criminal named Jonathan Wild.

DUDMAN, CLARE >> WEGENER'S JIGSAW >> $6; new from Sceptre, pristine condition, one of my favorite novels, published in the US as One Day the Ice Will Know All of Its Dead. The classic historical fiction about the discoverer of continental drift theory. Exciting and profound. An extra copy we have.

DWORKIN, SUSAN >> DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN >> $1; the novel based on the movie, or the other way around

EGAN, JENNIFER >> LOOK AT ME >> $3; from Anchor Books, a NY fashion model rebuilds her life after a disfiguring car accident

FERREIRA, JEANNELLE M. >> A VERSE FROM BABYLON >> $3; Prime, a Jewish fantasy, short novel with lovely cover

GIFFORD, BARRY >> BABY CAT-FACE >> $4; Harcourt Brace, a bizarre New Orleans novel from the writer of Wild at Heart; recommended

GOLDEN, CHRISTOPHER >> WILDWOOD ROAD >> $5; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, an atmospheric supernatural horror novel blurbed by Stephen King

GRIFFITHS, ANDY >> BUMAGEDDON >> $4 new from Pan Macmillan, in pristine condition, YA or middle school silliness. With a huge butt on the cover. You know Bumageddon is coming.

GROSSMAN, VASILY >> LIFE AND FATE >> $4; Harvill, the classic Russian novel that documents generations of life under Soviet rule, including the Battle of Stalingrad. A thick, weeks-consuming novel that I highly recommend. The translation is remarkable. Small remainder mark.

HODOR, TIMOTHY >> THE RECLUSE >> $2; Monte Verita, "reality and illusion crisscross in this short novel of an outsider in a conformist world. A Kafkaesque vision of alienation."

IRVING, JOHN >> A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR >> $4; Ballantine, the sprawling family history of one of Irving's most ambitious novels, the first half being particular effective.

JOYCE, GRAHAM >> THE FACTS OF LIFE >> $6; new from Washington Square Press, in pristine condition, the fantastic coming of age after World War II story that won a 2003 WF award.

KENNEDY, THOMAS E. >> THE BOOK OF ANGELS >> $4; from Wordcraft, a magician uses his magic to harness death, from a great prose stylist

LANDUIK, LORNA >> ANGRY HOUSEWIVES EATING BON BONS >> $4; Ballantine, enjoyable chicklit

LEBBON, TIM >> DAWN >> $5; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, the sequel to Dusk. A powerful new heroic fantasy series.

LEE, CHANG, RAE >> ALOFT >> $4; Riverhead Books, a NYT bestseller compared to Cheever and Gatsby.

LINDSKOLD, JANE >> CHILD OF A RAINLESS YEAR >> $5; Tor, a woman returns home to find that her mother has a magical past, definitely in a magic realist vein and worth seeking out

MARTIN, DOUGLAS >> BRANWELL >> $5; new from Soft Skull, in pristine condition, a novel about the poor Bronte brother, very inventive

MCFERRIN, LINDA WATANABE >> NAMAKO SEA CUCUMBER >> $5; new from Coffee House Press, a lovely coming of age story about a Japanese-American girl. With French flaps and a wonderful design.

MISHIMA, YUKIO >> THE TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN PAVILION >> $5; new from Vintage, in pristine condition, a classic coming of age story set in Kyoto.

MORIARTY JACLYN >> I HAVE A BED OF BUTTERMILK BISCUITS >> $4; Picador, Australian chicklit.

O'BRIAN, PATRICK >> POST CAPTAIN >> $5; WW Norton, the second in the classic series and my personal favorite, involving a bear suit, among other things.

O'BRIAN, PATRICK >> THE FORTUNE OF WAR >> $5; WW Norton, the third in the classic series

O'BRIEN, TIM >> GOING AFTER CACCIATO >> $4; Delta, reality and fantasy merge in this account of a private in Vietnam

OHLE, DAVID >> MOTORMAN >> $2; from 3rd Bed, the experimental novel compared favorably to the work of William Burroughs

OHLE, DAVID >> THE AGE OF SINATRA >> $3; Soft Skull, the sequel to the 1972 cult classic, and a really disturbing surreal novel

RAGEN, NAOMI >> THE COVENANT >> $4; St. Martin's, a very dramatic Israeli thriller

RUTHENBECK, STEVE >> DOGS OF WAR >> $2; Batwing Press, a WWII werewolf novel

SCHWARZCHILD, ED >> RESPONSIBLE MEN >> $3; Algonquin, a con man with a conscience, following three generations of men struggling to be good sons and fathers

SCOTT, TIM >> OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE >> $6; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, a freewheeling SF-fantasy in which neighborhoods are arranged by musical taste and there's all kinds of surreal, Douglas-Adams-like stuff happening.

SHAPIRO, ERIC >> IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY (2 COPIES) >> $2; Permuted Press, short horror novel, looks interesting

SLOANE, ROBERT C >> A NICE PLACE TO LIVE >> $5; Crown from the 1980s, and interesting haunted house mystery featuring a weird dog. In good enough shape to be a presentation copy. Pretty cool cover, too.

STACKPOLE, MICHAEL A. >> THE NEW WORLD >> $5; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, the third in the Age of Discovery trilogy

SURI, MANIL >> THE DEATH OF VISHNU >> $6; new from WW Norton, in pristine condition, a highly-praised novel from an Indian writer

THOMSON, RUPERT >> THE TURNING >> $4; Vintage, a psychological thriller from one of our best writers in which a blind man finds he can see in the dark.

THOMSON, RUPERT >> THE BOOK OF REVELATION >> $6; Vintage, a psychological thriller from one of our best writers in which a man is kidnapped and forced to enact games of power and sex.

THORNTON, LAWRENCE >> IMAGINING ARGENTINA >> $2; Bantam, the classic novel about South American repression, in magic realist mode, made into a crapulous movie. This is a reading copy only, worn and with my name written in it.

TRAVEN, B. >> GENERAL FROM THE JUNGLE >> $4; Ivan R. Dee, the last Travel jungle novel, a fictional epic of the birth of Mexico

TUTTLE, LISA >> THE MYSTERIES >> $6; new from Bantam, in pristine condition, a mythological thriller fantasy from a great writer

VICKERS, SALLY >> MR. GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY >> $2; HarperCollins, 1995, a man goes on holiday after the death of his son, from the bestselling author

VOITH, ADAM >> STAND UP, ERNIE BAXTER >> $4; new from TNI Books, in pristine condition, in this unique novel, the author mixes crisply written prose with the dept comic illustrations of underground artists Mike Lowery to explain the life of a dead man, that's both serious and comical, truly unique and recommended.

ZAFON, CARLOS RUIZ >> THE SHADOW OF THE WIND >> $5; from Penguin, a literary mystery that takes place in 1945 Barcelona, tinged with fantasy, a NYT bestseller