Thursday, September 13, 2007


Single Author Fiction Collections (trade paperback unless otherwise noted, and in excellent condition unless otherwise noted, with many being first editions)

AGUIRRE, FORREST >> FUGUE XXIX >> $3; from Raw Dog Screaming Press, this collection has been blurbed by Zivkovic and Lake, with the stories having appeared in, among others, The Notre Dame Review.

ETCHEMENDY, NANCY >> CAT IN GLASS >> $10; Cricket Books, in hardcover with dust jacket, in pristine condition, a first edition of children's stories by the award-winning author.

FERRIS, STEVE >> THE CUB-HUNTING SEASON >> $6; from Vintage, mesmerizing stories of transformation and enchantment by another writer who seems to have fallen off the map since this came out in 1996. Really interesting stuff--another one to check out.

KENNEDY, THOMAS E. >> DRIVE, DIVE, DANCE AND FIGHT >> $3; from BkMk Press, a collection by an underrated surreal magic realist whose world view is just always a bit off. He's published widely in the mainstream literary world. You should try him.

MOHANRAJ, MARY ANNE >> BODIES IN MOTION >> $12; from HarperCollins, in pristine condition, a first edition hardcover in dust jacket of exotic and sensual short stories from a masterful storyteller, blurbed by Karen Joy Fowler.

MURRAY, JOHN >> A FEW SHORT NOTES ON TROPICAL BUTTERFLIES >> $3; from HarperCollins, a collection of vivid and compelling tales, many set in Africa and Asia, and much praised for their use of the language of biology and natural history without being pedantic. Has a remainder mark, but otherwise in fine condition.

PEARLMAN, DANIEL >> THE BEST-KNOWN MAN IN THE WORLD >> $4; from Aardvark Wolf Press, with blurbs from Joe Lansdale, Jack Dann, and moi, and including the lovely "The Circus Hand's Desertion," from Ann's The Silver Web. A great collection from a very interesting writer.

TAYLOR, BRUCE >> THE FINAL TRICK OF FUNNYMAN AND OTHER STORIES >> $3; from Fairwood Press, this is a reprint of the original Ministry of Whimsy Press collection, featuring on the front cover the Taylor-with-lights-shooting-out-of-his-face photo that we managed to consign to the back cover in our edition. Still, the contents are the same, and there is some really interesting, sometimes Bradburyesque material in here.