Thursday, September 13, 2007


Other Stuff We Bring to Your Attention

ATKINS, ROBERT >> THE ESSENTIAL ATKINS FOR LIFE KIT >> $10; St. Martin's, various books/booklets in a slipcase. I don't know why, but awhile back I signed the top, I guess concerned someone might steal it: "Jeff and Ann VanderMeer". Anyway, we've used it but it's in pristine condition and the diet worked for us. I lost 80 pounds. Ann lost 40 pounds. We're not on it now because you should only really do it for about a year. After that, best to go to a balanced diet.

PETERSON, SHAWN >> WARMAN'S PEZ FIELD GUIDE >> $6; Krause, a thick, square paperback: PEZ has been a part of the American landscape for over 50 years, adding new designs as the popular icons of our time have changed. These beloved candy dispensers have become hot collectible items and Pezheads worldwide won't want to go without this portable pocket guide to the hobby! Veteran collector Shawn Peterson, author of the Collector's Guide to PEZ, has compiled this reference, with hundreds of listings of the most collectible PEZ dispensers and rare variations, as well as the latest PEZ releases. A history of PEZ accompanies a vibrant illustrated glossary, with over 200 highly detailed, full-color photos.

WALEY, ARTHUR >> TRANSLATIONS FROM THE CHINESE >> $13; oversized hardcover in a nice slipcase with a Chinese scene on it, this book contains several hundred pages of illustrations and poems in an attractive format. I paid $45 for it.