Thursday, September 13, 2007

ONE-DOLLAR BOOKS (poetry, fiction, nonfiction)

(One free with each order over $40 while supplies last)

Poetry (trade paper unless otherwise noted)

LOGAN, WILLIAM >> DIFFICULTY >> from Godine, a slim but wonderful collection by a great American poet, in great condition except some dumb guy named "Jeff" wrote his name and address on the inside front cover many, many years ago.

POPE, ALEXANDER >> THE WORKS OF ALEXANDER POPE >> from Wordsworth Poetry Library, with an introduction by Andrew Crozier and bibliography

PORTER, PATRICK >> THE INTRUSIVE ACHE OF MORNING >> $1; from Third Mind Press by an obscure but interesting poet who has probably been dead of starvation for at least five years (2000 is the publication date). Nothing's on the back cover except for a poem, from which I quote: "Stop f--cking around/A tight mob of components/That move with beautiful sound/All apart/They gracefully mock and strain and grasp..." So, for the memory of this probably completely dead poet, buy his book and toast him and you read its hardly opened pages.

RIMBAUD, ARTHUR >> RIMBAUD >> from Harper & Row, in a well-used copy that's got writing on the half title page, translated by Paul Schmidt

SHURIN, AARON >> INVOLUNTARY LYRICS >> from Omnidawn, with a lovely cover, "a dance with primordial speech offered through the dark playfulness of the flesh and mediated always by the double agent youth/age," according to Diane di Prima. All that for under five bucks, you lucky readers.

SPERBER, BARBARA >> IN THE GARDEN OF OUR OWN MAKING >> from Papier-Mache, about a woman and her dying mother, written with a mature clarity

STEVENS, C.J. >> COLLECTED POEMS >> from JW, the collected works of a widely translated poet whose work has also appeared in many influential literary magazines in the U.S. "

WALDROP, ROSMARIE >> LOVE, LIKE PRONOUNS >> from Omnidawn, with her meditations that draw from European and American experimentation, lavishly praised by Publishers Weekly.


Park West Gallery, vol. 1, issue 2 >> Fall 1988 art catalogue
Bloch, Robert >> Psycho II >> mmpb
Coppervale's International Studio >> Spring 2003 >> Magazine, oversized
Del Rey, Judy-Lynn >> Stellar SF Stories #4 >> HC
Eaton, Clement >> A History of the Old South >> HC textbook
Empy, Lamor >> American Delinquency >> Hc textbook
Faludi, Susan >> Backlash >> HC
Huxley, Aldous >> Chrome Yellow >> mmpb
Igus, et al >> Book of Black Heroes II: Great Women in the Struggle >> Oversized tpb
Kesey, Ken >> Sailor Song >> HC
Kincaid, Nanci >> Crossing Blood >> HC
Kunetka, Ken >> Sailor Song >> HC
Labella, Arleen >> Personal Power >> HC
Mantell, Michael >> Ticking Bombs >> HC
McMurtry, Larry >> Duane's Depressed >> hc
Ogawa, Grace >> Angel Devil--Wish Upon a Rock >> comic
Ogawa, Grace >> Tobius Grimbald >> comic
Preble, Duane and Sarah >> Artforms >> Oversized tpb - textbook
Straub, Peter >> Julia >> mmpb
Suares, J.C. >> Black and White Cats >> Hc, small
Swift, Graham >> Waterland >> Tpb
Taillefer, Craig A. >> Wahoo Morris I >> Tpb
Tucker, Anne, ed. >> The Woman's Eye >> Tpb, photo art book