Thursday, September 13, 2007


Fiction Anthologies (trade paper unless otherwise noted; there are some anthos under Oddities and Rarities)

BASTARDS, RAT >> RABID TRANSIT: LONG VOYAGES, GREAT LIES >> $5, from Velocity Press, original fiction from F. Brett Cox, Geoffrey H. Goodwin, Meghan McCarron, Heather Shaw, and more.

CAMPBELL, RAMSEY (HOST) >> READ BY DAWN VOLUME 1 >> $5; from Bloody Books, featuring new and established writers from Finland, England, the US, and Australia, among others. Curious and bizarre, the TOC only lists the titles and there are no bio notes. Nicely designed, though. Campbell is referred to as the "host" and there's also a curator. I wonder if there's a sanitation engineer as well.

EBERSOLE, LUCINDA AND PEABODY, RICHARD >> SEX AND CHOCOLATE >> $7; from Paycock Press, with reprints and originals from Shelley Jackson, Rikki Ducornet, Nani Power, John McNally, and tons more. The Jackson is her infamous "Willy Wonka Slash" fiction.

EDWARDS, WAYNE >> PALACE CORBIE #6 >> $6; from Merrimack Books, with original fiction from D.F. Lewis, Holly Day, Mark McLaughlin, Mark Rich, and many more. 1995

HOLDER, NANCY ET AL >> OUTSIDERS >> $4; from Roc, 22 all-new stories about outsiders from writers such as Neil Gaiman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Kathe Koja, Poppy Z. Brite, Joe Lansdale, and David J. Schow.

HOWARD, LEE ALLEN >> THOU SHALT NOT... >> $1; from Dark Cloud Press, with original fiction from Michael Arnzen, Eugie Foster, etc., about breaking the commandments. The back cover seems to have broken the eleventh commandment, about using a readable typeface.

HUTCHINSON, DAVE >> STRANGE PLEASURES 3 >> $3; from Prime, with stories from Lou Anders, John Grant, and others

JONES, STEPHEN >> DARK OF THE NIGHT >> $10; hardcover from Pumpkin Books, new tales of horror and the supernatural, by Campbell, Kiernan, Royle, Michael Marshall Smith, Doug Winter, Kim Newman, Christopher Fowler, etc.

KILLHEFFER, ROBERT >> CENTURY #1 >> $12; the first issue of the now-classic magazine that lasted something like four issues. Includes then-original fiction by Bruce Holland Rogers, William Browning Spencer, Kelly Eskridge, Don Webb, and Jonathan Lethem.

MCNAMARA, PETER >> WONDER YEARS: THE TEN BEST STORIES OF THE DECADE PAST >> $7; from MirrorDanse, with work by Simon Brown, Margo Lanagan, Sean Williams, Lucy Sussex, Geoffrey Maloney, Terry Dowling, and several others. First edition. 2003.

PASECHNICK, STEVE >> ALCHEMY NO. 3 >> $6; original fiction from Theodora Goss, Sarah Monette, Sonya Taaffe, and many more.